I’m new here. Bear with me.

Welcome, welcome, welcome (sung in my best Pinky Pie voice)! (Shut up, I know you’re also a grown ass person who watches My Little Pony.)

Hi, I’m Teresa, and I’m a makeup addict. I don’t use the word ‘addict’ lightly; sometimes I really think I have a problem.

My goal here is simple: to purchase, wear, review and discuss all of my makeup and skincare purchases in the hopes that I can inspire you (someone? anyone?) to either buy a great thing or avoid a terrible thing. I know that there are approximately 3,784,451,126 blogs, vlogs, YouTube channels, Snapchats, Instagram accounts and Tumblrs on this very same topic, and sometimes it’s hard to cut through all the chatter. I can assure you that I will not be employing those mediums here, not only because I’m not a huge fan of obsessive social media use, but (fun fact!) I also have pretty ridiculous stage fright. EDIT: 2/3/2018 I now use all of these social media thingies, but they’re not my main focus.

A little more about me: I’m in my (gasp) mid-30s and live in Western New York. I work full time from home for a dating website but I’m not telling you which one. When I’m not working or playing with makeup I’m reading, playing video games or spending time with my wonderful, handsome boyfriend.

I guess this is as good an introduction as any. I have an idea of what I’d like to do with my most recent drugstore haul, but we’ll see if it works as well in practice as it does in my head.


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