For starters, I love YouTube. It’s a great place to learn about new products and techniques, and all of the big beauty brands have their own channels for instructional videos. There are a few channels that I trust for reviews, but I don’t bother with the overwhelming majority of “big” YouTubers.

Why you ask? Oh, let me tell you.

DRAMA. The end.

Ok, that’s not really the end, but that’s my answer in a nutshell. I feel like there’s always some YouTube drama where some “influencer” is hating on another or acting like a jackass or accusing someone of stealing their ideas. I can see how this is good for clicks especially if your target audience is 12, but I’m an adult. I find it exhausting. So many of these people are young with little to no life experience, like James Charles who just graduated from high school. High school! Why do I want to watch that? Yeah, I don’t. Even the titles of the videos imply drama. So many of them are “WTF?!” or “OMG!!” Why is that a thing? Am I just too old to get it? I think maybe.

The other side of this is other grown ass people who just act like children, and that isn’t something I want to watch either. Somehow I think that’s worse since adults should know better, and I find that kind of immaturity infuriating. This is why you won’t see Jefree Starr among the YouTube channels I love. He’s basically the worst, and his products reflect that.

If you want to check out some amusing, informative, all around good channels check out the list I have on the main page. Most of the women I watch are either makeup artists or, at the very least, hardcore enthusiasts.

Coming soon: actual reviews and thoughts on some of the products I just purchased!

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