Recent drugstore fails

I’ve recently discovered a love for drugstore products. There’s a surprising amount of good stuff to be had, and so much of it is as good or better than far more expensive luxury products. Sadly, these are not those products.

Maybelline FitMe Matte and Poreless Foundation, shade 222 True Beige

I really wanted to love this. So many people online swear by it and after so many good reviews I decided to check it out. I kind of hate it. Firstly, no pump. Who even does that in 2017?

I have oily skin with enlarged pores and small dry patches around my mouth and this settled into my pores making them look bigger, despite its claims and the pore filling primer I used. It also emphasized the little dry bits around my mouth, so I seriously looked like I was rabid. I set it with my IT Cosmetics powder and I decided to wear it for a few hours to see if it settled which was a terrible idea.

Within an hour or two I looked really oily, and by the end of my eight-hour wear test it had completely broken down on my forehead and around my nose. I’m not the kind of person who spends much (read: any) time touching up her makeup over the course of the day, so this wasn’t ideal. It also oxidized so I looked like I hail from the Jersey shore. Not cool Maybelline. This is being returned for sure.

Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo 24 Hour Concentrated Crayon

I love these crayon cream shadows in general because they travel well and I can just slap one color on and be done. I purchased two of these: one in Lavish Lavender and one in Bronze Truffle, mostly because they were BOGO 50% off at my local Walgreens. I was a huge fan when I tried them; the pigmentation is great, they apply easily, dry quickly and don’t budge. Also, cheap. I tested the bronze color on my un-primed oily lids on a hot Upstate NY summer day and it still didn’t move, so I was impressed.

While I was using it I noticed that the product moved around inside the packaging but didn’t think too much of it since some of my other more expensive shadow crayons do the same thing. I keep a few in my makeup bag, so I tossed the bronze one in there as well. Bad idea. The whole product came loose from the packaging and flew at my face the next time I took the top off. I picked it up and stuck it back in, but it wouldn’t stay and became unusable. I had used it once and didn’t subject it to any more abuse than my Julep and Tarte cream shadows have been subjected to, and I’ve had those for months. Needless to say, I was annoyed and returned them.

Physician’s Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Bronzer in shade 6439 Light

This product is beautiful and the packaging is really nice…

Gross bronzer

Sadly I have no idea how it wears because it smelled so bad I couldn’t bring myself to get it near my face. It smells like an old woman. It immediately caused flashbacks to my great grandmother’s house with her plastic covered furniture and table doilies. At $15.99 this was not a typically cheap drugstore product, so it’s going back for sure.

So these are the fails I’ve found over the last week. I’m sure as I test more makeup I’ll find more things I really hate, so stay tuned.


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