I think it’s fall now

As I've mentioned once or twice, I live in upstate New York. We've had sort of an odd summer; it was very rainy and not as hot as normal, but since Labor Day the weather has been gorgeous. Sunny, hot, perfect summer weather. I think someone switched on fall because today it's gray, gloomy and... Continue Reading →

Where’s Teresa?

Road trip! I'm heading a few hundred miles Southeast for a work trip, and every time I drive through upstate New York I'm amazed by how beautiful it is, especially in the early fall when the leaves are just starting to change.  Only a few more hours...

I put snail secretions on my face

I'm really into K-beauty. Completely, unapologetically obsessed with K-beauty. Completely, unapologetically obsessed with K-beauty. Most of my life has been a struggle to keep oil and acne at bay. My skin has never been terrible, but I've been cursed with jaw and hairline breakouts for as long as I can remember. It looks unsightly and... Continue Reading →

New pages!

I'm excited about this improvement guys. In the menu at the top of the page, you'll notice that there's a new option, 'Resources'. Under 'Resources' you'll see two additional options, 'YouTube channels' and 'Shopping'. These are pretty self-explanatory I think; the YouTube page lists all of my favorite YouTube channels about all kinds of subjects,... Continue Reading →

$1 makeup and sheet masks?

Thanks to ThaTaylaa, I've discovered a site that sells makeup, sheet masks and accessories for $1 each. For real. She made a video showing a bunch of stuff she purchased and doing a first impression, which inspired me to place a whopping $12 order. When the stuff arrives I'll show off my haul and let you... Continue Reading →

Peach & Lily

I've discovered an awesome new (to me... I don't know how long it's been around) site for K-beauty: Peach & Lily. Use this code for $10 off.

Bath and Body Works SALE!! 

Can we all agree that Bath and Body Works candles are the greatest? Ok, good. Now that we've established that, all of their 3-wick candles are $10 off RIGHT NOW, and using code FALLFRESH gets you $10 off a $30 order. That's basically a free candle. You're welcome.

Another accidental hiatus

It's been a busy few days filled with illness, sleeping and family obligations. I was also house/pet sitting for my parents while they were off on another empty nester adventure. Animals are quite a time suck, especially when you're sick. So, to all my adoring fans (really just my friend Brian), I promise to make... Continue Reading →

I love makeup people

On my way home from running some errands last night I stopped into my local Sally Beauty Supply. I've loved this store since I was in high school (because who didn't get their nail polish from Sally back in the day), but I haven't been in to check out their makeup selection in a while.... Continue Reading →

Body Shop sale!

If you're a fan of The Body Shop, another of their Buy 3 Get 3 Free sales starts today. There are some exclusions, because aren't there always, but it's still a great deal if you like Body Shop products. I personally really like their seaweed line. It's good for oily skin, and I think the... Continue Reading →

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