Life and junk


I feel like it’s been forever since I posted but in reality, it’s only been two days. Two extremely long, eventful days.

I have some friends in town this weekend unexpectedly. They’re “refugees” from Hurricane Irma, and I thank all the gods that they had the forethought to get out early. I’d be so insanely worried about them if they were still there. Needless to say, it’s been busy getting ready for them to arrive. We needed to clean the house, obviously, since we generally live in barely controlled chaos and I’ve lived here for a year and never completely unpacked. It’s kind of nice now that I’ve purged some stuff and put things away. I’m not saying that I’ve converted to a neat freak or anything, but it’s nice knowing where things are and not just having junk everywhere.

A close family member is also having some sudden medical issues, and that’s scary. It doesn’t directly involve me but it’s something that I’m worried about. All of this stuff hasn’t left much time for testing new products or even doing my makeup every day. It’s been a long time since I’ve consistently left the house with nothing on my face, and that stresses me out a little bit too. That might sound a little vain or shallow but I think of my makeup as my armor. When I look good I feel better, more capable, able to take on the world. It’s probably silly, but my makeup loving sisters get it I’m sure.

So in my travels over the last few days, I’ve managed to pick up a few things from the fall Wet ‘N Wild collection, plus I’ve received my orders from BH Cosmetics,¬†Essence and Morphe. I’ve never ordered from any of these brands so I’m eager to play with all of the lovely things I purchased. One of my favorite YouTubers absolutely raves about the Morphe 35T palette so I finally broke down and got it. A lot of the colors look very similar, which is a common complaint about Morphe palettes, but in this case it doesn’t bother me much. I will wear every single color in this palette, which isn’t something I can say about many other eyeshadow palettes. It’s also 35 pans for $22. Pretty awesome deal.

I shall return soon with more substantial posts about the things you’re actually here for, i.e. MAKEUP.

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