A quick note about affiliate links

Ok, so I’ve got a few followers and this blog has been growing a bit, so from here on out some of the links I add will be affiliate links.

What this means for you: absolutely nothing. You can keep reading and clicking links as usual.

What this means for me: should someone click an affiliate link and make a purchase, I get a few bucks. It’s not something that’s charged to the purchaser; it’s something the merchant (Amazon, E.L.F., whoever) gives me in exchange for driving traffic to their site and helping them sell stuff.

Why it’s a good thing: the more money I have, the more makeup I can buy and the more reviews I can do. Maybe someday I’ll be able to give up my life of (totally nonexistent) drudgery and do this full time. Likely not.

Speaking of reviews, I should have one of my new favorite cleansing oil up in just a bit, with some notes about my current skincare routine.

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