I love makeup people

On my way home from running some errands last night I stopped into my local Sally Beauty Supply. I’ve loved this store since I was in high school (because who didn’t get their nail polish from Sally back in the day), but I haven’t been in to check out their makeup selection in a while. By awhile I mean, like, years. I’ve been meaning to stop in ever since I saw the Tati video about how much she hated their recent makeup launches, mostly because I think she’s probably wrong.

Anyway, there was some commotion outside the store and as I walked in a young female employee with gorgeous skin and epic brows was standing in the door watching what was going on. Apparently, the older gentleman I saw outside had fallen down, and the other Sally employee had gone out to help, along with the Allstate employees from next door. As I walked in I asked about what was going on, and she said “I’m not sure, but I’m always super awkward about helping strangers. Maybe I’m just not that nice.”

Girl, yes. We will be friends.

So I wandered over to the makeup section and fully intended to just look, but then I started asking her about the different brands and the new Ardell makeup release, and things just went downhill (for my wallet) from there. We talked about the YouTube channels we watch and she introduced me to Thataylaa and Jazz Jennings. I had heard of both of them but never actually checked them out, and I was not sorry when I did. I imparted some wisdom about my brief time working for Sephora, as she just got hired, and I offhandedly mentioned that I’ve been on a drugstore kick, partially for this blog and partially because I’m just as mad as a hatter. She seemed genuinely interested to check this out, and I hope she wasn’t disappointed.

So, I picked up a few things that I’m trying out this weekend, and I’ll let you know what I think. I can already tell you that the Palladio Lash Obsessed Mascara is BOMB OMG SO GOOD. Um… yeah… I like it.

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