Insomnia and a potential new series(?)

I didn’t get much sleep last night.

I was working late, then the boyfriend and I binged some 30 Rock and headed to bed. Where I lay awake. For hours. This is unusual for me, as I typically climb in bed, read for a half hour or so and then pass out the minute my head hits the pillow. Finally around 2 am I got out of bed and wandered around our little house for a while, trying to find something to occupy myself until I felt like I could fall asleep.

I ended up in my office/makeup room/biohazard area and for some reason decided to start an inventory of my makeup. All of it. It’s something a friend suggested recently and I didn’t give it any sort of serious thought because it would be a huge undertaking, and other than avoiding purchasing duplicate products I don’t really see the point. Then I sat down and actually started doing it, and it’s so incredibly satisfying. I was reminded that I still have a few drugstore foundations to try, and it inspired me to reorganize my makeup.

Slight organization!

Right now I’ve got things in multiple places and I end up forgetting what I own. Also because so much of it is out of sight I don’t use it. I’ve got a few extra storage bins that have been largely unused since I moved into my house a year ago, and I think I may repurpose them. The goal is to keep the same types of products together so that when I’m doing my makeup I can look in one place and know exactly what I own and start using some stuff up. Totally logical, I know, but I’ve never operated that way.

While I was in my office digging through bins and trying not to make too much noise I also got an idea for a new… I don’t even know what I’d call it. A series? Does that make sense with a blog?

Anyway, I was thinking about doing posts for different brands, but all in the same format. I’d talk a little bit about the brand and what I like about them, highlight a few of the products I enjoy/recommend, maybe mention a few of the products I don’t like as much where applicable. This blog right now is a bit rambly, and I’d like to start doing something to make it more cohesive, maybe on a set schedule to keep myself in line. Over the last year or so I’ve been introduced to so many awesome brands and been disappointed with my old favorites, and isn’t the whole point of this blog to share my knowledge?


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