I think it’s fall now

As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I live in upstate New York. We’ve had sort of an odd summer; it was very rainy and not as hot as normal, but since Labor Day the weather has been gorgeous. Sunny, hot, perfect summer weather.

I think someone switched on fall because today it’s gray, gloomy and cold. I’m in pants, fuzzy socks and my boyfriend’s favorite hoodie (my new favorite hoodie) and I’m still cold. I don’t know how I feel about this since it means WINTER IS COMING, so I’m trying very hard to stay positive and remember some of the things I enjoy about the autumn.

Halloween. Mulled cider. Cider doughnuts. Pretty leaves. No more bugs. Less sweat. Fall colors. NEW MAKEUP RELEASES!!

So far I haven’t purchased anything, but I’m thinking about picking up a few of the new (are they new?) L’Oreal Color Riche Matte eyeshadow singles. There are some gorgeous fall shades; rich, warm browns and reds. Like leaves. So pretty.

BH Cosmetics just released a new foundation that looks interesting. I’ve never used any of their foundations but they’re relatively cheap and well reviewed. I like everything I’ve ever used from BH (ok, so I’ve only used one thing) so I don’t think it would be a bad investment.

Colourpop. Oh Colourpop. They’ve released an almost ridiculous number of new products for fall; pressed shadows, Super Shock Shadows, pressed bronzers and blushes. Liquid lipsticks. It’s a little ridiculous. I love this brand and plan to include it in my new series, but I wonder how they can release¬†so much stuff for every season.

Some of my other favorite brands like Essence, E.L.F. and Catrice are in the process of rolling out their new fall collections, and once they’re done I’ll have a better idea of what my fall haul might look like. I’m really interested in a lot of the new E.L.F. stuff.

What do you look forward to about fall?

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