Unpopular opinion: I have no interest in LipSense

It's Halloween, my favorite holiday, and I'm about to scare you with another unpopular opinion; to my friends who sell Lipsense, I'm really sorry. I'm hella proud of all of you for building successful businesses, especially with a brand that seems to value empowering women, but this is one product I don't think I can get... Continue Reading →

The Halloween tag!

I saw this tag on a blog I follow, Kat's Chats; make sure you check out her post. I'm finding that I really enjoy doing these tags. I'm new here so it's a good way to get to know me, and it gives me an easy topic for a post. Now that I've been doing... Continue Reading →

What am I reading?

I love books. Maybe more than I love makeup. If I ever had to choose between the two I'd be distraught. I'd occasionally like to talk about what I'm reading here, partly to break up the constant barrage of makeup madness, but also because I'm not part of a book club or anything and rarely... Continue Reading →

Post schedule, new series, etc.

So, I've been thinking... Every time I get thinking about things I come up with ideas which inevitably lead to terrible things like organization and scheduling. Anyway. I'd like to have a slightly more structured schedule for my posts. Right now I post whatever I feel like with almost no thought to it, and it... Continue Reading →

The Beauty Blogger tag!

I've never done a tag here before but thought I'd give it a shot... I saw a post like this while scrolling through blogs I follow (there are A LOT) and was like, what the hell. I've got nothing else going on except real work and life and other such nonsense. Plus I like thinking... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about: Essence

Where has this brand been all my life? It's been popular in Germany for the last 15ish years but I only started seeing it in Ulta a few months ago. To be honest I completely overlooked it; how could a brand this cheap make anything worth buying? That's the part I still haven't figured out. Over the... Continue Reading →

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