Let’s check out my beauty trash!

I’ve seen this kind of video on YouTube about 1000 times and I think it’s interesting; it’s a chance to do mini-reviews of stuff I love that was purchased prior to starting this blog, and stuff I wouldn’t purchase again. I’m not sure how it’ll work in this format, but it’s worth a shot.

Here I present to you: my garbage!


To be fair, not all of this is empty. Some of it has expired, some of it is just crusty and unusable, but it’s all going to the trash can as soon as I finish this post.

Kleenex Cotton Soft Pads, Amazon, $19.96 for a four pack

These aren’t what I thought they would be. I was expecting something a little thicker, like the typical cotton pad that you might use for toner or remove your eye makeup, but they’re not. They’re very thin and not very absorbent, which can be a good thing since you don’t waste a lot of product. They’re also large, like palm-sized so you can cover more area in a shorter time.

A good concept, and overall I like them. They’re high quality and don’t leave much lint, and even when I’ve used them to wash my face they don’t fall apart. I bought them in bulk so I have three or four more boxes to go through, but when I run out I’ll probably purchase them again.

Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash, Ulta, $28 for 8 oz.

This is the only Philosophy product I’ve ever purchased because I normally can’t justify spending that much money on one product. I happened to catch this on sale at Ulta during one of their events so I got it for half price, which is way easier for me to stomach.

Overall I don’t really like it. It smells nice and it does what it promises, but I like a physical exfoliant that’s a little more… well, scrubby I guess. The exfoliant in this is very fine so it would be great for someone with more sensitive skin, but I prefer something like the St. Ives scrubs. I have a backup of this so I’ll use it, but I probably won’t purchase it again.

Julep Night Shift Sleeping Mask, Julep.com, $27.20 (for Mavens)

I love this, but my tube is so old it’s starting to basically solidify. I received this in one of the Julep monthly boxes and at first, I was wary about putting something on my face while I’m sleeping. Isn’t that supposed to be when your skin gets a break from products and rejuvenates?

Yes, and this helps. It feels a bit heavy on the skin, and unlike some of the other sleeping masks I’ve tried it doesn’t really sink in, but my face feels so good when I wash it off in the morning. My skin can get a bit dehydrated and this is so moisturizing, my face feels so much softer and less tight. It claims to promote cell turnover so you wake up to a brighter, firmer complexion, but I didn’t use it often enough to notice that kind of difference, but the moisture claims are definitely true.

Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done in Medium Light, Ulta, $36

This is another product that’s been around for awhile and gone a bit off. I bought it a few years ago when it first came out and it was ok. I’m not a huge fan of this tinted moisturizer type product, but it was good to wear in the summer when my skin was behaving. It gave just enough coverage to even out my skin tone, and it didn’t slide off my face in the heat. Also, sunscreen, and it comes in a really convenient tube with a pump. Both are pros. The shade range is limited so people with very light or very deep skin tones would be out of luck, and I don’t like that, mostly out of solidarity since they have a shade that works for me. I don’t think I’d buy it again just because there are other products that are just as good for significantly less money.

Living Proof Restore spray (travel size), Ulta, $15

I have yet to find a product from this brand that I don’t like, but it’s kind of expensive and almost never goes on sale. I like that they offer relatively inexpensive travel sizes so that I can try a product to know if it’s really worth buying. That said, I absolutely think this product is worth purchasing in the full size. I’ve been off heat styling since it started getting warm, primarily because I don’t have air conditioning and the thought of adding heat to my life made me want to cry.

Anyway. when I let my hair air dry it gets a little funky. It’s a little dry, a little frizzy, but fine and wavy in a mildly unpleasant, uncontrollable way. It doesn’t look terrible, but it doesn’t exactly look polished. Using this spray helped immensely. It was an excellent detangler and leave-in conditioner, but it didn’t weigh my hair down or make it look greasy. It helped with the frizz and took away some of the weird kinks in favor of soft waves. I will purchase this again, but I’ll likely wait until I have a coupon or some other kind of promotion.

Soap & Glory Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel, Ulta, $10

Not to be that girl, but this is one of my holy grail, ride or die products. I always have a backup and I will buy it until I die or it’s discontinued, whatever comes first. I love it so much that I’ve even given it as gifts.

I love this brand so they can basically do nothing wrong in my mind (except for this foundation). Their packaging is always cute and irreverent and this product is no different. It smells heavenly; fresh but still sweet and floral. It’s moisturizing but still makes my skin feel clean, and has helped keep some of my summer skin issues at bay (backne. I’m talking about backne). It’s relatively inexpensive and lasts a long time because I don’t need to use a lot to get a nice lather. Bonus: it’s basically always on sale at either Target, Walgreens or Ulta. Right now the entire brand is BOGO 50% off at Ulta, so I’ll end up picking up a backup or two.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm, Amazon, $29.88

I received this in a Christmas value pack a couple years ago but until last spring I hadn’t really used it. It’s the first cleansing balm I ever tried and the whole concept was foreign to me. I was nervous about putting solid oil on my face even though I’d been using other cleansing oils for a while.

The consistency of this product was odd to me: it’s hard on the surface but really soft underneath the initial layer of balm, and once I started using it daily it didn’t last long. It smells ok, though more like coconut oil than I’d like. It did make my skin really soft and took off the bulk of my makeup, but I did generally double cleanse with it. I don’t think I’d repurchase it, partly because of how much I dislike the smell of coconut oil and partly because of the price. I can get better K-beauty cleansing balms for less money.

E.L.F. Lip Exfoliator, elf.com, $3

This is another product that I didn’t finish but it’s started to separate and I don’t want to use it anymore. It’s a nice enough product, especially for the money. It did what it claims to do and took the dead skin off my lips. I read somewhere that E.L.F. has reformulated it and I know they’ve released new flavors, so I’ll likely purchase a new one.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Amazon, $11.95

I haven’t had this mask too long but it’s started to get very dry and stiff, like old clay (because it is). I don’t think it would be bad for me to use it, but it’s gotten difficult to work with.

Innisfree is a K-beauty brand that’s become readily available in the states and I like everything I’ve tried from the brand. This mask is good for oily skinned and acne prone people like me, and when I used it my skin felt less congested. I occasionally feel that clay masks are too drying but I didn’t have that problem with this one. It’s good for spot treating pimples or problem areas, like the Glamglow Supermud but for a fraction of the cost. I like it, and I’ll purchase a new one the next time I order from Amazon.

Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Gloss in Exposed, discontinued

This came in another Christmas value pack a few years ago, and for some reason I never used it. It’s a nice color but it’s too dry to use now. I still have one or two other items from this pack and I’m hoping they’re not as dry as this one was.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Med-Light, Ulta, $29

I bought this when it was first released, but because I don’t use concealer very often it’s now expired. It was an ok product. I didn’t rave about it but it wasn’t terrible. I don’t think I’ll purchase another one since I’ve found as good if not better products for much less money.

Studio 35 Beauty Hydrating Sheet Mask, Walgreens, $1.99

This is the only product on this entire list that I actively dislike. I bought two of these when they were two for $3, and while I wasn’t expecting some life changing mask for that little money, I also wasn’t expecting them to be awful. I tried using this and there wasn’t enough moisture to even make the mask stick to my face, and whatever material they’re using for the mask is stiff and uncomfortable. I only tried to use one, and the other is just going in the trash.

Clarisonic Acne Cleansing Brush Head, Amazon, $22.95

If you haven’t noticed, I love my Clarisonic. It’s my skincare BFF. The thing I don’t love about it is spending approximately eleventy gazillion dollars a year on brush heads. I use them for far longer than I should out of principle/spite/whatever you’d like to call it. I do have some tricks for saving a little scratch on these that I’ll talk about in an upcoming post.

This brush head has seen better days. I used it all summer long, and now I’m calling it: time of death was last week when the fibers started falling out. I wasn’t totally in love with this particular head, just because it was a little too rough for me, but it got me through my oily season like a champ. Sleep well friend, and may angels guide you to your final resting place.

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Wipes, Amazon, $10.95

And finally, these face wipes from Kleenex. They’re a fairly recent (as in the last six months or so) release from this brand, and overall they’re pretty good. They’re not great at removing makeup but they’re fine for minor face degreasing. The primary user of these was my boyfriend; he’d use one when he got home from work to get some of the grime and sweat off of his face. I also took some to Disney when I was there in May, just for a quick refresh while we were running around the parks in the 90-degree heat. I’ll probably purchase them again if I can find them on sale.

Products used: $121.55

Products expired: $109.14

So that does it for this month’s empties. I’ll likely do one of these posts every few months, or if you hate it I’ll never do it again. Any feedback is appreciated, but be nice. I’m sensitive.

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