Review: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup

I only wore this foundation for about six hours yesterday, which I realize is a short wear test but I just ran out of time. It was a pleasantly warm and slightly humid day. I didn’t use a primer but I did set it with my Maybelline Matte + Poreless pressed powder in translucent.


Ok, so Pros: This foundation went on really nicely and blended easily. It also didn’t settle into my pores or emphasize any of the texture on my face. It didn’t feel heavy or have that typical sunscreen smell. The packaging feels sturdy and expensive; who doesn’t love a foundation in a glass bottle?

Cons: The finish is more dewy and glowy than I was expecting and I ended up looking oily almost immediately after applying it, but I was able to mattify it a bit with the powder. It oxidized a bit so the shade was a little too dark for me. After about three hours I looked really oily and cakey, and it had started breaking up around my nose and on my chin. It wasn’t cute and for me, that’s kind of a dealbreaker since there are so many other foundations in the same price range that last much longer without needing blotting or powdering.

Overall I feel like this foundation is mediocre at best and I’ll likely be returning it.


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