Review: NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat foundation

I’ve wanted to try NYX products for quite a while. Surprisingly I didn’t own anything from NYX except the promotional birthday palette I received from Ulta this year, and I haven’t actually used it yet. I hear so much about this brand but I just never got around to finding something I wanted/needed, until last week when the entire brand was 30% off at Ulta. For that kind of deal, I made time. I ended up with a brow pencil and this foundation in shade Nude. I didn’t use a primer before applying but I did set it with my new Maybelline FitMe Loose Finishing Powder in light medium.


Pros: This is one of the least expensive foundations the brand sells. The packaging is compact, and I like squeezy tubes almost as much as I like pumps. A pump on a squeezy tube is better; I wouldn’t call the lack of pump a con, but it’s not my ideal. Anyway, the shade range is good for an affordable brand, and by some miracle, I managed to choose the right shade the first time. Go me. The consistency is thicker than the other foundations I’ve been using lately. It’s almost mousse-like, though it doesn’t quite feel whipped like you’d expect from a mousse. I applied it to the back of my hand and it didn’t run off, which is definitely a pro. It applied nicely and blended out with a sponge without too much fuss. It didn’t settle into my pores or make them look like giant craters.

Cons: This might be the least mattifying matte foundation in the history of ever. It looked great for about two hours, then it was down the oily rabbit hole. In general I’m not a fan of the dewy look, since dewy finish + oily skin = ew, so once this started heading in that direction I knew it was doomed. After about four hours it started breaking up around my nose and emphasizing some of my dry patches, and after eight hours it was all basically gone. Now you know the secret magic of oily skin; it makes makeup disappear. I think it actually made my skin even more oily, and I actively looked forward to washing my face.

Conclusion: This is a hard pass for me. Sale or not, it’s going back.


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