Post schedule, new series, etc.

So, I’ve been thinking…

Every time I get thinking about things I come up with ideas which inevitably lead to terrible things like organization and scheduling.


I’d like to have a slightly more structured schedule for my posts. Right now I post whatever I feel like with almost no thought to it, and it seems to be working because I have followers (hi guys!), but it might be nice to have something to adhere to. So here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Reviews or product spotlights

Tuesday: Unpopular Opinion

Thursday: Random topic, tags, whatever’s on my mind

Saturday: Let’s Talk About

Sunday: Teresa’s day off

I’ll also post sales/promotions/breaking beauty news as it happens outside of this schedule.

I think this will work really well for my personal life and my work schedule, and if there’s a particular type of post that you enjoy you now know when to expect it. I generally post in the morning unless there’s some extra goodness, and if you haven’t already followed me on Twitter or Facebook, DO IT NOW! All of my posts are linked there so you’ll never miss one. Really, it’s for your own good.

I’ve also been playing with the idea of having a monthly guest post from my best and oldest friend, Becky. She’s the one who really encouraged me to put this blog out in the world instead of just writing it for myself. Sometimes she makes excellent points and I listen to her. She also has different hair and skin concerns than I do and uses brands I don’t know much about, so I thought it might be fun to hear from her. We all might learn something. I was thinking of calling her series Ask Becky, for obvious reasons, but also because when I have odd thoughts and want to discuss bizarre hypotheticals, like “If you met your clone, would you make out with her or murder her?” I always ask Becky.

This is an example of one of the weird and random posts you can look forward to on Thursdays. If you enjoyed this one or have an opinion about the clone question, let me know!


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