The Beauty Blogger tag!

I’ve never done a tag here before but thought I’d give it a shot… I saw a post like this while scrolling through blogs I follow (there are A LOT) and was like, what the hell. I’ve got nothing else going on except real work and life and other such nonsense. Plus I like thinking of myself as a beauty blogger. Despite knowing that people I’m not related to routinely stop by to read the drivel I produce, I still don’t feel like a “blogger”.

Anyway, enough of my babble. Here goes my first tag.

1. What is the one thing you couldn’t go without?

Foundation. I don’t know why but I’m basically obsessed with it. I have so much it’s bordering on ridiculous.

2. Favorite makeup brand

Urban Decay. I’ve never tried one of their products that I didn’t like.

3. Who is your style inspiration?

Good question! Being a short, chubby girl there aren’t many to choose from, but I like Tess Holliday’s modern pinup look. I don’t take much inspiration from her, but the whole rockabilly thing is really cool to me. I guess you could say that my style icon is Daria Morgendorffer.

4. Do you remember the first makeup item you purchased?

Yes! I was in middle school and my mom said I could start wearing “makeup” and I about had a stroke I was so happy. I bought the Cover Girl pressed powder in the green marbled compact and some Bonne Bell lip tint. I thought I was the shit, even though the powder was completely the wrong color for my skin.

5. Who is your favorite beauty blogger or YouTuber?

I don’t have just one favorite, as I’m sure most of us don’t. I like different people for different reasons, but I typically avoid really big bloggers and YouTubers. I like Jessica Braun because she still has a “real” job and loves drugstore makeup and is still super relatable even though she has umpteen followers. I like Kat Wilson because she’s got a foul mouth, she’s Australian and has similar hair and skin to mine. If you’re interested in more of my favorite YouTubers, beauty or otherwise, check out my YouTube channels page.

6. What are your top 5 makeup brands?

Urban Decay, e.l.f., No7, Colourpop, Maybelline. Why do I have to pick 5? Can I give honorable mention to BH Cosmetics, Catrice and Essence?

7. What is your top beauty tip?

Omg hard! Ok, I once heard a makeup artist say that if you’re pressed for time, focus on framing your face. Do brows, lashes and lips. It takes about 5 minutes and makes a huge difference.

8. Why did you start blogging?

Short question, long answer. Firstly, I love to write. It comes as naturally to me as breathing, and since I’m an adult with a full-time job, a partner, family obligations, friends, etc., I wasn’t taking enough time to just sit down and write. Even when I did, I’d end up staring at a blank screen while the cursor mocked me. I needed something to focus on.

Then I thought about my massive makeup collection, and how often I’m asked for tips or recommendations. It really hit home to me when my aunt, an adult woman with grown children, asked me for a lipstick recommendation. I was flattered, to say the least, but I also realized for the first time that maybe this isn’t something that everyone has a passion for. So why not consolidate my opinions and experience in one place and make it accessible to the entire internet? So here we are.

9. Random fact about yourself.

I failed my driving test the first two times so I got my license a lot later than most of my friends. This is a fact my family will never let me forget.

10. How much do you spend on beauty products every month?

I legitimately have no idea.

11. Describe your dream makeup haul.

Going into Ulta, Supermarket Sweeps-style, and psychotically cleaning the place out. Whatever I ended up with would be my dream haul.

If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged! I’d love to see your answers, so leave a link to your post in the comments!

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