Review: Rimmel Stay Matte primer and foundation

Rimmel Stay Matte

This post could also be titled “I completely missed the boat on this one. Oops”.

When this came out a few years ago I was still staunchly anti-drugstore makeup. I was particularly turned off by Rimmel because their commercials were so ridiculous. I’ve since changed my tune about the brand and the price point.

I really like the primer. It’s oil-free, mattifying and fills in my pores but it also feels hydrating. It’s not one of those super slippery silicone primers that pill up and feel weird on my face, and my skin appreciates that. I tend to break out with those silicone pore filling primers (like the e.l.f. pore filling primer, sadly) so I appreciate that this has all of the same characteristics without leaving zits in its wake.

I have two other Rimmel foundations (Lasting Finish and Match Perfection), and they both have a thick, creamy consistency. This is more like a mousse but not in a whipped, airy sort of way. It’s not like some of the other whipped foundations I’ve tried. The shade range overall isn’t great but somehow this color is a good match for me.

Pros: A little bit goes a long way. Not that I’ve ever completely used a foundation, but I appreciate products that at least attempt to give us a lot for our money. This went on smoothly and blended out quickly, and while it didn’t look full coverage it did get rid of some of the redness in my cheeks.  It didn’t catch on any of my dry spots and felt just like skin when I was done applying it, and it set fast.

Cons: I already mentioned the weirdly small shade range. I also don’t like the smell; it’s a bit floral, kind of like my grandmother’s perfume. It did look a little cakey until my natural oils came through a bit, and it definitely didn’t keep me as matte as I was expecting.

Overall I really like this duo. I don’t know that I’d reach for it a lot in the warmer months, just because I have foundations that are better mattifiers, but it’s a good, inexpensive foundation.

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