Unpopular opinion: I have no interest in LipSense

It’s Halloween, my favorite holiday, and I’m about to scare you with another unpopular opinion; to my friends who sell Lipsense, I’m really sorry. I’m hella proud of all of you for building successful businesses, especially with a brand that seems to value empowering women, but this is one product I don’t think I can get behind.

I have this opinion for a few reasons: first and foremost is the availability. When I went through my Lularoe phase I learned the frustration behind supply and demand. Do you know what it’s like to demand something and have there be no supply? I wanted ALL THE SKULL LEGGINGS, but there were only a few pairs in the prints I wanted, and it seemed like they were never in my size. I checked group after group, distributor after distributor, and still came up empty-handed. I was not an efficient enough “unicorn hunter” I guess, but should I have to be? I was begging this company to take my money, but they weren’t able to meet my demand so they lost me as a customer.

I feel like Lipsense is a lot like this. There are certain colors and glosses that I like that I might be interested in, but they sell out quickly, and no one knows when they’re coming back. Each distributor isn’t given enough product to meet demand, and that’s frustrating for everyone involved.

Secondly, the price. I can’t justify spending that kind of money for one color, one gloss and a remover. Yes, I will drop $17 on an Urban Decay lipstick on occasion, but I don’t generally spend more than $5 or $6 on the stuff that goes on my lips. I think the most expensive lip products in my collection right now are the old UD lipsticks that were $22 each.

Thirdly, the reviews. I’d call them mixed at best. The biggest complaints I’ve heard are that the shit burns, and it makes your face stick together. That sounds… unpleasant. I understand that once you get the gloss on everything is groovy, but based on wear tests I’ve seen, it doesn’t stay any better than the $6 Rimmel matte liquid lipstick I love. I’ve worn that through meals, drinks, and various other adult activities, and it doesn’t burn or get chunky or make my lips peel.

Fourth, the peeling. This is another thing that sounds unpleasant, but I wanted to put it by itself because it disturbs me more than the other things. In the instructions, it states clearly that your lips will peel, and I’m not keen on looking like there’s a molting animal on my face.

So in conclusion, I think I’ll pass on the Lipsense. I’m pretty interested in those shadows though, and I’m not ruling SeneGence out completely so you might still get my money.

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