I have a thing about palettes

Don’t we all?

Especially when they’re on sale! I picked up the Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter palette for half price ($17).

Urban Decay Afterglow Urban Decay Afterglow

I also picked up one of the Morphe palettes I’ve had my eye on for awhile. These have only recently started being sold at Ulta, and I love that I can pick up some of their more popular products in store and online at Ulta rather than paying Morphe’s exorbitant shipping rates and then waiting weeks for delivery. I had the 35T palette, and this is the 35O. The shadows in here are beautiful and I love the warm colors. I can get so many complete looks from this one palette. It has mattes, shimmers, and a stunning glitter shadow that killed it on Halloween.

Morphe 35O Morphe 35O

Morphe has changed their logo so this has the more minimalist design, but the packaging is the same relatively flimsy and inexpensive plastic. Also, still no mirror, but for $23 you can’t beat it.

The last palette is the BH Cosmetics Solar Flare palette. I’ve wanted it for a long time but it was never in stock and on sale simultaneously, UNTIL NOW. I grabbed it so freaking fast. Goodbye $11. It’s so beautiful. I’m so in love.

BH Cosmetics Solar Flare BH Cosmetics Solar Flare

I haven’t actually used it yet because it’s just so pretty. I feel like using it will mess it up. It’s so shiny and sparkly. I know I’m going to end up using it soon, and the quality of BH Cosmetics shadows is really nice. They blend nicely, and have I mentioned how pretty I think these are?!

I haven’t gone nuts with the palettes lately since I already have so many, but I couldn’t resist these. I highly recommend all of them.

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