TAM Beauty haul

Do you ever get a package in the mail and your first thought is “What the hell did I order this time?” It’s a common occurrence in my house, especially when I place international orders.

So it went with my package from TAM Beauty. When my partner brought in the mail he gave me that exasperated, “What did you order this time?” look, but I had no idea. I had ordered this stuff a month or so ago, and it took this long for the order to be processed and make its way from the UK to my mailbox.

Now, I’ve never used Makeup Revolution products before, and I had no idea that there were other, similar brands under the same umbrella. All I know is that I needed this highlighter.

Dragon's Heart

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you’ve already seen this, but let’s take another moment to appreciate how gorgeous it is.

I ask you, why should we be unicorns and mermaids when we can be dragons?!

This is the entire reason I placed my order in the first place. I grabbed a few other things to meet the $40 minimum for free shipping, and I tried to choose things that we can’t get here. I ended up with this highlighter and a bronzer/highlighter duo from I ❤ Makeup, an eyeshadow palette from Freedom Makeup London and a dual-ended eyeliner and setting spray from Makeup Revolution.


I’m still a bit unsure about Makeup Revolution; they’re known for basically ripping off more expensive brands like Too Faced and Kat Von D. I’ve never heard or read about the product quality being bad, but the general consensus is that copying other brands is just shady, and I tend to agree. At the same time, not everyone can afford to go out and drop $50 on an eyeshadow palette, and shouldn’t those people still have access to quality products with interesting packaging?

I’m excited to use this stuff and I’ll definitely review my findings. I guess at that point I’ll have to decide whether I’m for or against the brand as a whole.

2 thoughts on “TAM Beauty haul

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    1. Agreed. I just wish they’d do more original stuff. Though I find the chocolate bar palettes better than the Too Faced ones. For me the colors are a lot more wearable.


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