I can’t sleep


I know I’ve been gone a hot minute, but after rest, fluids and some help from the pharmaceutical companies, I’m feeling much better. Not 100% yet, but finally getting there.

Which is likely why I can’t sleep now. I’ve done basically nothing except sleep for days, and my brain is in overdrive as a result.

I’ve been thinking about tackling some slightly more personal stuff, but I want to do it in a way that doesn’t distract from the main theme of my blog. For me, writing is a catharsis, and it works in some measure regardless of what I’m writing about, but there are also aspects of my life that I’d like to share that aren’t necessarily makeup related and may not be things that everyone wants to see or read. They may not be appropriate for everyone reading. The last thing I want to do is send my new internet friends/readers/possible collaborators running for the hills, but at the same time I feel like this is my space and I should do with it as I please. It’s a hard line to walk sometimes.

What’s got me thinking about this recently is some of the allegations coming out of Hollywood; I’m not generally one to follow celebrity gossip, but some of this stuff is serious, and some of the people I respect and admire are being accused of some pretty terrible things. I’m talking about people who, over the last decade or so, have made it a point to tackle difficult subjects in their art and it’s resonated with me and so many others. These accusations are hard to reconcile when they’re leveled at my idols, but at the same time, I’ve been where some of the victims are.

So, I have some feelings on these subjects. I have stories to tell. I feel like this is a safe place to tell them.

I think what I’m going to do is password protect the posts, but make the general topics visible. That way, if it’s something you’d like to read or discuss you can send me a private message, either through my Contact page or through one of my social media accounts, and I’ll share the password with you. These aren’t things that I’m necessarily shy about sharing, but I do want to be respectful of my audience. And I promise that these serious posts won’t detract from the fun stuff; they’ll just be another layer to my online personality.

[insert Shrek onion quote here]

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