Let’s talk about: Ebates

Did you all know that there’s a site that gives you actual, human money back for shopping online? It’s not a gimmick or a scam. They just give you money back.

Yeah, it’s Ebates. I feel like this is an ideal time of year to talk about it, since any reasonable person wants to avoid the mall like the plague and just buy gifts online.

So how it works is: you sign up on ebates.com. You install their plugin for your browser and while you’re shopping you’ll get an alert if the site you’re shopping on offers cash back. If they do, you click on the alert and you’re redirected to the Ebates site, and that’s it. Your cash back is active. Once you complete your purchase you’ll get another notification that includes the amount of cash back you earned, and they either send you a check or deposit your cash to your PayPal account quarterly. That’s it. You don’t need to jump through fiery hoops or only shop during specific times in order to earn money, and in the couple months that I’ve been using Ebates they’ve had a ton of promotions for double cash and in-store shopping promos, so I’ve earned as much as 12% back for purchases.

Yeah, it’s legit.

I signed up in September and so far I’ve earned $52. I’ve received $11 of it in my PayPal account because that’s what I earned before the end of their fall quarter. It’s pretty great. I highly recommend you all sign up, and if you wouldn’t mind, use my referral link. We’ll both get a bonus.

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