Process and review: Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color

I finally got around to dying my hair with the Lime Crime dye in Sea Witch.


I have some thoughts about this product. First of all, it smells like almost nothing. When I first opened the jar I smelled a tiny hint of something, like a conditioner-y smell, but it didn’t last long. It’s not as thick as the L’Oreal Colorista I used last time, and the size of the jar makes it a bit awkward to get the product out. I ended up using a butter knife, like I was scooping green frosting out of a can. I picked up a coloring bowl and brush at my local Sally Beauty Supply, and it seemed like it was going to be relatively easy. How much harder could it be than the last time I did it?

Well, it turns out that it’s a bad idea for me to start coloring my hair at 9 pm. I don’t think of things, like wearing sleeves to prevent my neck, shoulders, etc. from being covered in dye.

I dyed my shoulder teal. Oops.

I also let my boyfriend convince me that he should “help” me.

So, it took awhile to get my hair completely saturated, but that’s on me and not the product. Once we were done, I used some micellar water to get the dye off of my skin and it worked surprisingly well. I also covered my head with a shower cap type thing in an attempt to keep the dye off of every surface in my house.

Yes my bathroom is yellow. Yes, I chose it. What?

Then I had to hang out and cook. For two hours. Yes, two HOURS. Never in my life have I had to sit with dye in my hair for that long, and that’s really my biggest, or maybe only, complaint about this. I know that my hair is pretty dark and getting a fun color at home without destroying my hair with bleaching takes some doing, but I wasn’t quite prepared for this part. On the bright side, there was no stink, no burn, none of the usual unpleasantness involved with dying my hair.

So at about midnight I rinsed my hair. And rinsed. And rinsed. And rinsed some more. My shower looked like I had slaughtered a Smurf colony by the time I was finished, and the hot water ran out before the water was running clear, so I cut my losses and left some dye in my hair. Not sorry. I’m not really concerned about turning my towels teal. It’s my favorite color.

So I blow dried my hair and fell in love. It’s so, so green. I think the results are a lot nicer than with the L’Oreal product.

The Lime Crime Unicorn dye. Oooooh, pretty.
The L’Oreal Colorista. Pretty, but not as pretty










Not only do I like the color better, but there’s enough left in the jar that I might get another application out of the deal. That didn’t happen with the L’Oreal tube. This also didn’t come off all over my pillowcase once my hair was dry. Not that I care about staining my pillowcases, but it’s just one more pro for the Lime Crime dye.

Overall I’m a fan of this product. The price is right and it looks really good. I might update this once I know how long the color leeches out all over my shower and how long it lasts.

Have you guys tried anything like this before? What do you think of my hair?

10 thoughts on “Process and review: Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Semi-Permanent Hair Color

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  1. I’m obsessed with the color you were able to achieve! I’m about to try this color today actually. I was nervous because I heard a lot of negative reviews and people were saying that it didn’t work on dark hair. What color was your hair before you dyed it? Mine is a medium to dark brown.

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    1. Mine is also medium to dark brown. I completely saturated my hair and left it in for a little over 2 hours. It stayed pretty intense for a couple weeks.


  2. It looks amazing! Can I ask how it faded out for you? I have dark brown hair which ombres down to medium brown so I think it’ll look subtle until my tips! But if it fades to a weird green I might be hesitant. Thanks!

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    1. My hair is pretty dark all the way through, but it faded nicely from teal to yellowish green which I liked. There was color in my hair for several months, which was a lot longer than it was supposed to last. Even 6 months later it still had a green tint.


  3. I am a licensed cosmetologist and I absolutely love the Unicorn Hair Dye I have used 4 different colors so far and love them all!!!I have bleached my hair too make my colors more vibrant but it stays for months❤️


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