Struggling to find inspiration

Blogmas day… 15?

I’m starting to lose track.

I’m also starting to struggle to find topics that really speak to me. I kind of feel like I phoned it in with yesterday’s post, and I really don’t want to make a habit of that. I have a whole list of Blogmas topics but none of them really get the words flowing. I end up choosing a topic and staring at a blank screen for an embarrassingly long time while the cursor blinks, mocking me.

Are any of you participating in Blogmas? How do you find Christmas-related topics that inspire you? Do you have any suggestions for me?

3 thoughts on “Struggling to find inspiration

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  1. I’m starting to lose inspiration, too… But what’s been helping me is incorporating my daily life into my Blogmas posts. For example, yesterday I went to an ugly sweater party and we played Find the Pickle; tomorrow I’m going to an ugly sweater brunch. That’s three posts I could write up for Blogmas–the pickle tradition, ugly sweaters, and how to throw a great Christmas themed party–and they’re all Christmas related! If that doesn’t help, share pictures, with little anecdotes, from the past and the present! You could share pictures from the Christmas pageant you were in as a kid, or pictures from the wild white elephant gift exchange you went to… The possibilities are endless with pictures if you assign one event per post, and it’s very little writing if you’re experiencing writer’s block. Hope this helps!

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