Holiday anti-haul

Blogmas day 16 seems like a good day to talk about all of the holiday things I won’t be buying.

There’s a lot of stuff that comes out at Christmas, and normally I’m really excited about it all. This year has proven to be an exception, as I have little interest in any of it, especially at the regular prices. So the following products will not join my collection:

The Colourpop Sephora collection

Especially the palettes. This breaks my heart, as I absolutely love Colourpop, which I know I’ve mentioned before. It’s not that I don’t like the palettes; I just don’t like them enough to pay more for them than a typical Colourpop palette. Right now I have enough Colourpop palettes that I don’t feel like I need these.

Huda Beauty Contour and Strobe Lip Set

This is the set with the weird mouth packaging. That’s exactly why I don’t plan to buy it. It kind of freaks me out.

Any of the Too Faced holiday releases

Planners. Are they serious with this?

Ok, so this could be a cool idea, but I’ve looked at the planners and they’re not terribly functional. Some of these sets also look really juvenile, and the colors in the palettes are really boring. There’s just nothing about these sets to recommend them to me.

They’ve also released a White Chocolate palette, but I’m not sure if it’s limited edition. I think that it should be; the White Chocolate Chip palette was utter garbage, and this palette only has a couple additional shades. So lazy.

Tarte holiday palettes

I love Tarte. I’ve been loving the Toasted palette lately and I’ve purchased so many of their holiday releases in the past, including the Paintbox from Ulta last year, which went to my seven-year-old niece as her first makeup collection. None of that garbage plastic junk for my Abby. I’ve also purchased the lip kits for the past few years because they’re a super awesome deal.

This year I’m totally nonplussed about the palettes. Eye palettes, face palettes, I’m not impressed with any of them.

Fenty Beauty holiday releases

We’ve talked about this. I’m not interested.

Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette

I like sparkle as much as the next person, but for me, this is way overboard. I also don’t like the packaging and find the mirror in the middle section to be really inconvenient. I don’t think I’d even buy it at the current reduced price. I’m just not into it, despite my love of UD.

Sorry that this is all high-end stuff; I haven’t seen many drugstore releases, and the ones I have seen I kind of want (Wet ‘n Wild brush set anyone?). Which products do you have disdain for this holiday season?

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