I got an early Christmas gift!

Today Dan and I went on a little adventure.

Now, Dan is a man, and as such he sometimes struggles when it comes to giving me gifts. I suggested he just go to Sephora with me and set me loose, but he didn’t want any part of that. He claims it’s because I buy my own makeup when I want it, but I’m 98% sure it’s actually because he doesn’t want to come makeup shopping with me. I took him to Ulta once for about 20 minutes and it was like I’d sentenced him to death.

Anyway, being the imminently practical person that I am, I thought about the things that I need, like new snow boots and more storage for my office. But that’s super boring; who wants to get something they need for Christmas instead of something they want? Certainly not I.

It got me thinking about the other gifts Dan has gotten me. We’ve only been together for a year so there haven’t been that many holidays, but he did get me a beautiful music box for my birthday. It’s all hand-carved wood and plays the Harry Potter theme song. Nicely done Danny.

For Valentine’s Day, my practical self asked for a tattoo. If you’re not a tattoo person you won’t see how this is practical, but hear me out: I wanted a tattoo. Badly. A tattoo would have cost me approximately $100. Being that it was our first Valentine’s Day and we’d only been dating for a couple months, I knew Dan was going to try to be super romantic and take me to a fancy dinner, plus flowers, candy, a gift, the whole nine. That stuff would have cost him well over $100, and it was all consumable. So, tattoo. And it’s still my favorite tattoo.

2017-02-16 08.21.07
A compass, so I can always find my way home. Bonus points to anyone who can guess where I’m from.

So I decided to ask him for a piercing. Now, I’m not someone who’s hardcore into body modifications or anything, but I do like getting cool ear piercings and tattoos. I’ve gotten a tattoo every year for the last few years, but I haven’t had anything pierced in awhile. It was time. I happened to choose a really difficult and painful piercing because that’s just how I roll. And to be honest I didn’t do much research; I just picked one I thought looked cool.

Close up! This is called a snug piercing.

Let me tell you, this did not feel nice. It wasn’t quite as bad as some of my other piercings, but this is the first time that I’ve actually verbalized that I was in pain. The chick who did it was a bit… I don’t know, rough I guess. I’m used to being pierced by a super chill ultra hippie shaman dude named Jason. He started piercing me when I was about 17, but alas, he closed his shop in the dirt mall (thanks gentrification) and has basically retired. When he pierced me I barely noticed because he’s a talker, and he has an extremely calming voice and demeanor. He’s also an over-communicator, meaning that if he had a problem with the piercing or something wasn’t going as planned he’d say something immediately and not leave me to wonder what was happening. I think it’s something I’ve come to expect and this chick didn’t do that. This might be my last piercing for awhile.

Since we were downtown and one of my favorite restaurants is directly across the street from the shop we went to, we decided to make it a cute day date and have lunch. Because of Dan’s profession, he works nights and weekends, so we don’t really have the chance to do things like this unless I take time away from work. Which I did. Because I like hanging with my boyfriend.

Anyway, Vietnamese anyone?


I don’t normally take pictures of my food, but this is amazing. Definitely the best $7 I spent this week. I don’t know what it is about pho but it’s so comforting and perfect on a cold winter day. Omnomnomnom…

So I had a good day. Has anyone else gotten any cool early gifts?

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