Beauty-related resolutions

I’m not normally the New Year’s Resolutions type, but I feel like I really need to get my act together when it comes to my beauty collection. It’s getting ridiculous.

  1. Wear makeup every day – I’m not currently doing this, which is insane because I have so much. With any luck, wearing makeup every day will assist with my next resolution, which is:
  2. Project Pan – I want to start using up some of my stuff rather than just getting tired of it and giving it away. I’ll talk more about this in the new year.
  3. Choose several no-buy months and stick to them – I think this is pretty self-explanatory, and it will also encourage me to use up the stuff I already own.
  4. Stop buying palettes that all look the same – I’ve been a little bit obsessed with warm colored palettes and when looking at my collection I realized that I own a lot of them. Like, a lot. Ridiculous.

In addition to these resolutions I also have some goals for my blog:

  1. Spend more time planning and scheduling content – I’ve been pretty consistent with posting, but the content has been a bit scatterbrained, especially for Blogmas.
  2. Introduce different types of content – If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see let me know in the comments! I’m thinking about very basic, beginner tutorials, like how to use different types of brushes and how to determine your undertone.
  3. Work on my time management skills – This is an ongoing, lifelong goal. I suck at it.

Do you have beauty resolutions? I think these might be the only resolutions I set for myself this year because they’re the ones I’m most likely to stick to.

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