Favorite YouTubers of 2017

I watch a lot of YouTube. Like, A LOT. At this point, I watch YouTube almost exclusively when Dan is working and we’re not watching a show together. So I have a lot of favorite channels, and they’re not all beauty related so get ready.

Beauty News

Two Aussies, Hailey (the blonde) and Kat (the brunette) talk about news in the beauty world, new releases, and most importantly, destroy makeup. I’ve been watching this channel for most of the year thanks to Refinery 29. I totally love it. There’s something really satisfying about watching the destruction of makeup that doesn’t belong to me, and I really appreciate their no-nonsense and snarky attitudes about over-hyped beauty brands/releases. I’ll leave you with a recent and fun product destruction.

Ask a Mortician

I know, this one is coming out of left field, but hear me out: this is Caitlin Doughty. She’s a licensed mortician, funeral home owner and director, author, speaker, educator and death activist. She takes a taboo subject (death) and makes it more… approachable I guess. Confronting your own mortality is a difficult thing to do, but having Caitlin answer questions and talk openly about death, decomposition, funeral choices, etc. is surprisingly helpful. Knowledge is power, and since the funeral industry has all of the knowledge they have a disproportionate amount of power. It’s Caitlin’s goal to put that power back in the hands of families. I highly recommend her channel to anyone who might die someday. Meaning everyone.

She also wrote two of my favorite books of the year, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory and From Here to Eternity: Traveling the World to Find the Good DeathI think I’ll do another post about my favorite books.

Here’s a wrap up of all of her videos from this year:

Sailor J

This is a relatively new favorite (since she’s only had a channel since October), but I LOVE her. She takes on things like racism and idiotic gender norms while also being super funny and ridiculous. She’s introducing drunk book reviews now, and since she reads a lot of the same stuff that I do I’m looking forward to that. I’ll leave you with my personal favorite of her videos, a contouring tutorial. Best line in any beauty video ever: “If the men find out we can shapeshift they’ll tell the Church!”

Liberal Redneck

Again, I know how this sounds; meet Trae Crowder, a writer and comedian from rural Tennessee. Yes, he’s a liberal. He’s also extremely intelligent and reasonable, and he can take a serious topic like gun control or the opioid epidemic and make it funny. He does swear a lot and uses a lot of foul language, so if you’re not about that I wouldn’t recommend watching this, but I really enjoy his videos. Plus, he’s easy on the eyes.

Cayleigh Elise

One of my favorite horror/true crime YouTubers. Now, I love horror and true crime and have been fascinated with it since I was a little kid, and she’s one of the best storytellers I’ve ever heard. Her true crime videos are well researched and the victims are treated with the utmost respect, and her horror narration is… oh my god. So creepy. Dan works nights and every time I’ve tried to watch her videos without him I get so freaked out I have to turn it off.

Samantha Jane

When it comes to beauty YouTubers, I prefer enthusiasts to makeup artists, and I really like watching people with similar hair and/or skin to me. I don’t have Samatha’s curly hair, but we both have oily skin, and I appreciate that she’s Canadian. She understands the struggle of living in the great white North, like me. She also has a series where she tries out foundations and talks about how they wear throughout the day on her oily skin. Cool. Thanks for doing the work for me.


Another horror narrator; this gentleman doesn’t show his face or reveal his real name, but I really love his voice. He narrates creepy/macabre stories from history, and I find it really interesting. Some are narrated and some aren’t. It seems like he’s currently in the process of going back through his older historical features and narrating them. I prefer the narrated since I usually watch them while I’m working. He also vlogs some of his travels and he goes to really gorgeous, slightly haunting places. Check him out:

So these are the channels I’ve been watching obsessively. Who have you loved this year?

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