Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, I know it's been a few years since I've written, but hear me out: I grew up and somehow let the world convince me that you don't exist. Silly, right? It's a thing that happens to the best of us though. Now that I'm in my mid-30s I like to think I have... Continue Reading →


For Blogmas day 12 I bring you a short(ish) photo diary of the second annual Leonidas. Now, Leonidas is not a "real" holiday. Last year one of my friends had a small kitchen accident that resulted in a bit of skin at the top of her finger being cut off. Somehow we saw a Spartan... Continue Reading →

Useful gifts for bloggers

It's Blogmas day 11, and also Leonidas! By the time you read this I'll be packed into a car with my four best friends, on our way to do some ridiculous things. We don't know exactly what we'll be doing yet, but it'll be fun. If they don't have any objections I'd like to do... Continue Reading →

How I cope with holiday stress

For Blogmas day 10 I wanted to talk about┬ástress,┬ábecause we're at the point in the holiday season when I start to feel it. For me the stress doesn't only come from not having enough time; it also comes from being in high demand. I know that sounds kind of terrible, but I'm what I like... Continue Reading →

Christmas Dad jokes

It's Blogmas day 9! I'm not even running out of ideas yet! My stepdad is the king of bad dad jokes. He's been the standard by which I judge all other dads when they tell jokes. So when I started to come across Christmas dad jokes I knew I had to do a post about... Continue Reading →

Stocking stuffers

Blogmas day 8! Woo! I'm a big fan of stockings. Up until last year, my mom got us all stockings every year. She's never quite gotten the concept that a stocking is supposed to be filled with cheap things; one year she got us all cool electronic gadgets, another year she got the girls diamond... Continue Reading →

The Christmas Tag

For Blogmas day 7 I give to you... the Christmas tag! I've seen this tag in a few of my favorite blogs since Blogmas started, and I figured that since it's my very first Blogmas I should probably do it. I've seen a bunch of different questions so I'm just choosing a few of my... Continue Reading →

My wish list

I've seen a bunch of these posts recently, and my boyfriend has been asking me incessantly what I want for Christmas, so I decided to sit down and think about what I actually want. I'm the kind of person who'll typically buy myself something if I want it, so this is kind of hard for... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Christmas movies

It's Blogmas day 5, so today we're talking about Christmas/holiday movies! We're getting to the point in the season when all I want to do when I'm home is wrap myself in a fuzzy blanket and watch Christmas movies with a cup of tea. I haven't done it yet because the other human in my... Continue Reading →

Christmas traditions

For Blogmas day two I want to talk about some of my traditions. I didn't mention this yesterday, but I love Christmas. LOVE IT. I'm not the "Let's listen to Christmas music in August" type, but it's something I look forward to all year long. My family has a bunch of long-standing traditions. My mom... Continue Reading →

It’s December, for real

Can you believe it? I can't. I know people say this all the time, but I really, seriously, can't believe it's December. This year is almost over. This year I've managed to keep my job, maintain my relationship, join a gym (though actually going has been more of a challenge), unpack most of my stuff... Continue Reading →

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