Taking a tiny vacation

Greetings internet friends!

The weather here, like a lot of places, has been utterly ghastly; I think the temperature with wind chills topped out at around -19 degrees Fahrenheit today. Very, VERY cold. I went outside for about 90 seconds to get my mail and regretted it immediately.

Because of the snow and the cold I’ve wanted to do very little. I joke that my body wants to hibernate, but it’s kind of a thing. I’ve been so tired and it’s impossible to concentrate and I don’t want to go outside. I know I’m not the only person who has this reaction to crappy winter weather, but I’m really struggling the last few days.

So I’m taking a tiny break from blogging. I’m planning to spend the weekend getting my life together, and I’ll resume on Monday, hopefully with lots of good ideas and renewed vigor.

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