Gross ingredients in makeup?

I don’t spend much time reading news about makeup, primarily because there’s so much other stuff in the news that takes precedence, but when I see a story like this that claims no additional asbestos was found in Claire’s children’s makeup, I tend to pay attention.

So let’s break this down: late last month, a CNN affiliate in Rhode Island reported that a family had found asbestos in their six-year old’s makeup from Claire’s, and as a result, the chain was pulling several products off of their shelves. Additional testing of the same products from the store shelves revealed that they hadn’t been contaminated.

I have some questions about this: why is this makeup being marketed to and purchased for six-year-olds? That’s way too young for makeup. Admittedly, we had little cosmetics kits when I was a kid, but it wasn’t remotely nice looking. It was basically colored baby powder and Chapstick in a CD case. It didn’t look anything like this. Those look like fancy adult makeup kits.

Admittedly, I have purchased makeup for a kid before. My niece got a really nice palette with mascara and lipstick for her seventh birthday, but Aunt Teresa sprung for the Tarte 2016 holiday collection, which I’m pretty sure didn’t have any asbestos in it. Also, this was a really big deal; she was only allowed to wear it on special occasions with her parents’ permission. It wasn’t something she was slapping on to go to school. It also was full of beautiful, neutral colors with a tiny bit of shimmer and a nude liquid lipstick, so it’s not like she’d be able to wear red lipstick and blue eyeshadow.

Also, isn’t this makeup tested before being released and stocked in stores? Isn’t this a law? Asbestos causes CANCER, so isn’t that something we should be extra vigilant about? Where was this stuff made? Are there other products being produced there? I know basically nothing about the production end of things, but I know that there isn’t just one product or one brand being produced in these factories.

It makes me wonder what’s really in the stuff we slather all over our faces every day. They say that talc and silica are bad, but most of our products contain them. It makes a pretty solid case for green and natural makeup.

I wonder: will people in the future think we’re all crazy for putting this stuff on our skin, just like we think Elizabethan women were insane for using lead-based paint to whiten their skin?

This leads me to another question: how much discomfort are cosmetics supposed to cause us? Is beauty really supposed to be painful? I think that’s a post for another day.

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  1. Ugh it’s all so true. With companies like Bite Beauty, at least you can feel comfortable, since they use food grade ingredients. But for all other companies that do not use food grade, who the heck knows. I am especially disturbed if lipsticks have a certain smell, since we basically eat the lip products that we wear. So many drugstore lipsticks smell so chemically, and I basically can’t wear them because it makes me paranoid. It’s too bad there aren’t higher regulations for cosmetics. Especially the cosmetics that we potentially ingest.

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    1. I don’t like thinking that I’m eating poison, but at the same time I have to wonder: would we even know? A hundred years ago they thought radium was healthy, so what are they going to find out about the things we ingest or put on our skin now? Is there any avoiding it?

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