Giveaway details and how to enter

Guys, I’ve got some good stuff for you, and I’m so excited for my very first giveaway!

So here’s how this is going to work: starting tonight at midnight and running through January 29, you can visit this link to enter.

I have 2 prizes; the first I’m calling ‘A Few of My Favorite Things’ and includes stuff from Wet ‘N Wild, elf, essence and Colourpop.

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The second is my ‘Get Your Life Together Essentials’ and includes some of my favorite sheet masks, eye masks and a planner. This planner is excellent for people like me who can only keep their lives together for a few weeks at a time; you can fill in your own dates, so when you fall off the organization wagon for awhile, you’re not wasting any time in your planner.

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This giveaway is open internationally, and winners will be notified via direct message on either Instagram or Twitter (depending on how they enter). Winners must respond to the original notification message within 3 business days, or a new winner will be chosen. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of products. Each activity will add an extra entry, and winners will be chosen at random by RaffleCopter.

Tl; dr: enter, respond if you win, don’t be impatient about getting the things.

Here’s a full list of the stuff I’m including:

A Few of My Favorite Things

  • No7 Blush Brush
  • Essence Bronze & Blush Sunkissed palette
  • Wet N Wild Matte Finishing Spray
  • Wet N Wild Eyeshadow palettes in Not a Basic Peach and Nude Awakening
  • Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit lip color in Behind the Bleachers (dirty!)
  • elf Bronzer palette
  • elf Matte Lip Color Crayon in Wine
  • Colourpop x ILUVSARAHII Lip Bundle
    • Ultra Glossy Lip in Atole
    • Ultra Metallic Lip in Coquette
    • Ultra Matte Lip in SoftII
  • Ulta Lip Primer

‘Get Your Life Together’ Essentials

  • Bonvivant Brightening Care sheet mask
  • Bonvivant Blemish care sheet mask (these are marketed as masks to be used during your period but obviously they’re not limited to those times)
  • Karuna Age-Defying sheet mask
  • Patchology Poshpeel Pedicure foot mask (this pack includes 2 treatments)
  • 2 Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist eye masks
  • Manefit Lily Whitening & Brightening sheet mask
  • Planner

I know what you’re thinking: “Teresa, why is there more stuff in the first gift pack than the second?”

Excellent question, and the answer is simple: the first gift pack is full of affordable/drugstore products. The second is full of relatively pricey skincare and K-beauty (Shiseido eye masks people… shit ain’t cheap).

So go enter, and good luck!! If you have any other questions about the giveaway feel free to send me a message or leave me a comment.

30 thoughts on “Giveaway details and how to enter

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  1. hello , I would love to win the giveaway bc makeup is my passion I love it so muchh and I don’t have a lot of money to be spending on makeup I only have an eyebrow pencil from elf , one eyeshadow palette from my mom and a little concealer . if you look on my Instagram(dessi.14) you can see the looks I did with the makeup items . thank you ♡

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    1. Hello! I have a separate account where I do makeup and stuff, and I have a very small following. I also have zero money to expand my collection. Most of my makeup is from YEARS ago, things I’d steal out of my mom’s purse when I was 11. I usually pray when I use most of it!! These would be a major update for my collection, and would really help me with my Instagram account where I do makeup. You as a fellow beauty-grammer know how hard it is starting out! I hope I’m eligible enough, but may the luckiest and most deserving win this giveaway!! 💕💕💕🤞🤞🤞

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  2. How exciting! And of course congrats! Its something to be extremely proud of! Especially with all the other bloggers and social media accounts that makes us feel like we almost have to compete with the quality of our content compared to the millions of other social media accounts also trying to get noticed. Believe me i know. My page is still relatively small and im still doing my best to post makeup looks as often as possible but majority of the time, i let the best of me win because im my own worst critic and it keeps me from doing what i know i love because i know there’s always someone else who’s looks and page are 100x’s better than mine unfortunately. But cheers to you! Best of luck!

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  3. Hi there! I would love to win! I recently had a baby almost 6 months ago and now all my money goes to Baby items and my obsession of bows for her to be honest haha. There is no spending money on myself or pampering myself like I did before I had her. I miss taking a bath with my mud mask on and candles lit tying to be all fancy. Winning would be awesome!

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  4. Hello Teresa. I would love to win this cause i am just learning different techniques on doing my makeup. I don’t have a lot like i said i am just starting out cause i am a busy mom of 5 and my youngest has Spina Bifida so i didn’t have a lot of time but she is now 13 so i kinda want to have a little of me time. So i would really love to win this❤️

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    1. For this giveaway the only mandatory things are a blog comment (check!) and Instagram follow. You’re still entered with the blog comment, but you won’t get more than 1 entry. For the next giveaway (which I’m already planning!) I won’t make the social media stuff mandatory. Sorry about that. I’m learning as I go along!


  5. I would absolutely love to win one of these giveaways. I absolutely love makeup and definitely colourpop. I haven’t bought new eyeshadow in about a year, and need to try something new. If it’s the second, I could really use the planner to help get my life together to finish of the senior year of high school and go into college in the fall. I’ve also been having trouble with my skin lately, so the face masks would help a lot. In a time of saving up all the money I can to go to college, this would help me out a lot. Thank you for doing the giveaway!

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  6. Hey there! This is a great giveaway. I’d love to win either prize. I have a small YouTube beauty channel that I’m just trying to grow, but it’s hard because I currently have no money to spend on products to review. I would feel so blessed to receive these products! Makeup is my coping tool. Have a great day!!!

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  7. Hello! So nice to find such a nice fun blog! I am a lover of makeup and stationary, and find your giveaway so much fun! I would love to win, because we’ll its a great giveaway. I love all the thought you put into it! ☺️✨

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  8. Nice blog! I’d love to Win This Giveaway Because I Love Makeup, Skincare and Anything in-between! Just being honest ! I’m Makeup Obsessed! 🙂 Thanks For The Opportunity To Win Something AMAZING ! Awesome giveaway!!! XOXO

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  9. I’d love to win because I share your enthusiasm for all things skincare and makeup and I’d love to add these products to my makeup/skincare collection. The planner would also be great given that I’m starting uni and am motivated to uphold my organisational skills! While I’m typically more inclined to high-end makeup, I’ve been pulled back into the drugstore makeup bandwagon after reading many beauty blog reviews comparing high-end stuff with the cheaper products on local shelves. When (shockingly) foundations from rimmel ended up being compared to the quality of Huda Beauty’s Faux Filter Foundation for example, I found myself interested in the cheaper makeup to find good quality alternatives to the expensive. Regardless of the package, I’m all about trying new products, because who knows, something unexpected may end up working wonders for my skin. As a beauty blogger, I’m sure you know that indescribable feeling when you find something that feels like it was made exactly for you. Whoever wins, I wonder if they’ll have one of those moments with these products.

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  10. Hello! I would love to win this because i recently started to wear makeup and Since i’m learning i don’t actually know what products use or buy plus i’m a college student so i don’t have the extra money to buy makeup 😥 Thank you for this big opportunity!

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  11. I would LOVE to win because you included such a good variety of items in both of these. I especially like how you included a planner in “get yourself together” because as much as masks help me do that, if I have no skeleton of a plan for the week it can get a bit messy. I can definitely relate with buying “cheap but good” and some quality makeup products. It just really depends on the item. Fingers crossed! ☺️🤞🏼

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  12. I would love to win because I don’t own much makeup so this would be a great amount of stuff to start off. I’ve also never tried colourpop and I always hear such great things about them. Thank you for doing this great giveaway❤

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  13. Awwh so excited about wet n wild and colorpop products. Unfortunately in my country i am not able to buy any of the products because those brands don’t exist here.

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