I went to Lush and got some stuff!

While I was in Boston this weekend I went to a Lush store. For the first time ever.



Now, I’ve been to Boston to visit my friends (Mike and Tasha… hi guys!) several times in the six years that they’ve lived there, and I had no idea how close they were to a Lush store until I stepped in their shower Friday and saw a whole bunch of Lush products. I got so excited that I had to stop washing my hair and smell everything like a creeper. I didn’t use any of it because I know what it’s like to have super nice (and expensive) bath products only to have your guests be terrible and use it all.

I expressed my interest in visiting Lush in a mildly maniacal manner; I’m pretty sure my exact approach was “OMG YOU HAVE A LUSH WHERE IS THE LUSH WE NEED TO GOOOOO!!!!!” Because I’ve been friends with these people for close to a decade they’re accustomed to my insane outbursts and weren’t at all put off by the crazed look in my eyes, and Tasha agreed to take me after the barbeque they had planned for the weekend. No, it wasn’t in my honor; I went out there to attend their annual Fuck the Winter BBQ. I think they may have been a bit surprised that I wanted to go anywhere since my normal approach to activities is pretty lackadaisical. When I visit I’m more interested in spending time with them than I am in doing tourist things. As it should be, I think.

So we went. And I was happy.

Look at my face. I’m super happy.

And I bought the things. Not ALL the things, but some of the things.

Stars and Moons tote


Not gonna lie; when the cashier asked if I wanted this bag instead of a normal bag, my first thought was “Yesssss I’ll look so bougie getting on the train with that!” So I bought it. It’s also organic cotton and super cute.

Jersey Bounce shampoo


I actually intended to get the Big shampoo because it constantly ends up in the favorites videos of some of my favorite YouTubers, but after talking to the (insanely nice and patient) Lush employee, I decided on the Jersey Bounce instead. They said that it’s a little more moisturizing and that’s something I need because winter. I also preferred the smell of this to the Big. I’m excited to use it. I have another hair scrub with apple cider vinegar that I don’t really like because of the smell, so I have high hopes for this.

1,000 Millihelens jelly face mask


I’m very intrigued by this product. I’ve seen it on YouTube and the concept is really interesting. I’ve heard good things about their fresh masks, but I need something that lasts a little longer, and I liked how this smells so I’m going to give it a shot. It’s supposed to help with oily skin and acne so why not.

Kiss Me Quick wash card


These wash cards are so damn cool. I first saw them in a post by Bonnie, Queen of the Girl Geeks; she picked up a couple of the Christmas cards and I was immediately intrigued. The deal was sealed when a Lush employee let me use a little piece of one and a) it smelled fantastic, b) a little goes a long way so you get a lot for your money, and c) it didn’t completely dry out my skin. They describe it as soap paper but it’s more like a flat crayon but a little… softer. It feels waxy but also seems like it would melt from the heat of your hand if you held it too long. I think they’ll be great for traveling.

The Kiss lip scrub


When I walked into the store I knew I wanted to come out with a lip scrub, but I was more interested in one of the Naked lip scrubs, which is just a block of sugar with some coloring and binding agents, but they weren’t available in the store. I guess they were a Christmas release, which explains why they’re BOGO on the site. Anyway, this scrub is part of the Valentine’s Day collection and it smells so, SO good. It’s a sweet, sugary scent, obviously, but there’s something else in there that I can’t quite place. It’s also hot pink with sugar hearts. How could I not get it?

Unicorn Horn bubble bar and Brightside bubble bar

I know that bath bombs are kind of Lush’s jam, but I didn’t want to be basic and walk out with a bunch of their most well-known products. That being said, I like baths. I particularly like bubble baths that smell good, so I decided on these bubble bars. Basically, you break off some of the bar, put it in your bath water and it makes your bath colorful, bubbly and delicious. In the case of the Unicorn Horn, it also makes the water sparkly. I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of a glitter bath but the employees all agreed that this isn’t like craft glitter and it won’t get everywhere, so I decided to trust them. I’ll let you know whether or not they lied to me.

So that’s my haul, and I’m really excited to try all of this. What are some of your favorite Lush products?

8 thoughts on “I went to Lush and got some stuff!

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    1. I was totally overwhelmed walking in the door, but the employees were SO nice. One of them walked around the store with us, explained the ingredients and how to use everything, let me test some stuff and was generally just extremely helpful. It was obvious that she uses and loves the products so it was a really good experience.


    1. I just nabbed one of the naked lip scrubs from the Christmas collection and it is AWESOME. I hope they bring them to the regular collection because it’s great.


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