Botox for oily skin?

The whole concept of Botox kind of freaks me out. I mean, who woke up one day and said: “I wonder what would happen if we injected Botulism into our faces”? It seems like it would be unwise to inject ourselves with a deadly disease.

Having said that, I know it’s a popular cosmetic treatment, and if done properly doesn’t result in the horrible face-freezing that has been the subject of many jokes since the procedure became popular in the early 00’s. It’s also become a popular remedy for migraines; my neurologist suggested it for me but it’s not a long-term solution. I’d rather not have to try to get an appointment and drive 20 miles to see the doctor just to make sure I can function normally. I might change my mind if I get to the point where my forehead wrinkles are really pronounced since it would be covered by insurance and I’d be taking care of two problems with one treatment.

So while I was on the train Sunday I was idly browsing the internet and came across this little blurb from Fashionista about Botox being a treatment for oily skin.

Huh. Um… ok.

I can almost see this being ideal for people who have super oily skin and live in really warm climates and for some reason can’t use normal remedies, but that seems like not very many people. Like, you’d need a perfect storm of circumstances for this to be a necessity. And wouldn’t you need a ton of injections to make a difference? Like the dude in the story mentions, the places where people generally get oily are the chin and cheeks, and disabling the muscles in those places impacts things like smiling and the general way your face looks. Isn’t that a terrible idea? Wouldn’t it be better to use masks, toners, mattifying moisturizers, primers, etc.? Sure, it’s work, but you’re not LITERALLY DISABLING YOUR FACE MUSCLES.

What do you think? Would you Botox your t-zone?

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