More high tech ways to get us to buy makeup

Apparently, cosmetics companies in China are full of evil geniuses.

According to this New York Post story someone sent me, some mirrors in public restrooms in China will now allow you to virtually try on makeup that you can then purchase from a vending machine outside the restroom. These mirrors are only being installed in ladies rooms. Sorry dudes.

Part of me is really into this idea; like, how much money could we all save by trying things on our actual faces before we buy it? We go to stores and swatch of course, but putting lipstick on your hand isn’t quite the same as putting it on your lips and seeing how it looks with the rest of your face.

Then there’s the part of me that’s super turned off by this idea. Is it really necessary to market to us while we’re in the bathroom? Damn, let us pee in peace! Also, do we need the ladies room to be even more clogged than it already is? I can’t even count the number of times I’ve been trying to leave the women’s room and can’t because there are 400 people trying to fix their hair and reapply their lipstick. If those same 400 women were trying on makeup we’d never be able to leave.

Do you guys have any thoughts about this? Would you hang out in the ladies room and try on digital makeup in a mirror?

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