Review: Lush Jersey Bounce shampoo

I know you guys aren’t tired of talking about Lush yet, so let’s talk about this shampoo.


Let me start by saying: my scalp is gross right now. It’s dry, flaky, oily, just generally unpleasant and terrible. I thought that it might be because it’s winter; my house is super dry and it’s been insanely cold and I’m typically a daily hair washer which supposedly strips your scalp and whatever. I’ve tried to wash every other day to see if that helps, but it hasn’t. It’s getting really frustrating, so when I walked into Lush in Boston I knew I’d end up with one of their hair scrubs.

Thanks to one of my favorite YouTubers, Kat Wilson, I’ve heard good things about the Big shampoo. It’s a sea salt hair scrub that’s supposed to be clarifying and add tons of volume. Cool, sign me up. When I got to the store and smelled it, I wasn’t a huge fan. It doesn’t smell bad, it just didn’t do anything for me. I was disappointed, and the sweet Lush employee suggested I stick my nose in the Jersey Bounce tub. It’s essentially the same sea salt scrub but it has some additional ingredients, like egg white for conditioning. It also smells really good; a bit citrusy. a bit oceany. It definitely doesn’t smell like New Jersey, don’t worry.

A little of this product goes a long way, and the salt chunks are small enough to get in my hair but big enough to not feel like I’m washing my hair with table salt. It does feel a little bit like snot, or raw egg white, so if you have texture issues it might be a problem for you. It lathers nicely even in dirty hair, and when I rinse it feels really clean. If you want to see Jersey Bounce in action just click the product link; Lush uses their site headers for videos showing the product being used. I just wouldn’t recommend using as much product as they do.

I’ve tried it with and without various conditioners, and because my hair gets tangled easily I prefer it with conditioner. I end up using a leave-in spray just to make it easier to comb without a ton of breakage.

I’ve been using this scrub instead of shampoo once or twice a week and things have appeared less flaky. My hair is also less dull, though I haven’t noticed any additional volume. It’s taking out the last little bits of teal left in my hair (semi-permanent my foot), which is totally ok with me. Overall this is a really nice scrub, and when I use it I feel super fancy. This is the only scrub I’ve used that comes close to the Christophe Robin sea salt scrub that I love but refuse to pay for, so I’ll likely repurchase it.

Have you used any other hair scrubs that you recommend?


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