Wet ‘n Wild is killing the unicorns

Am I the only one who’s tired of the unicorn makeup trend?

I say this at the same time that Too Faced is releasing an entire collection of unicorn nonsense, including a rainbow highlighter under the guise of being festival makeup. How are we not done with this yet? Frankly, I think it looks like something a tween girl would squee for. Is that really the kind of person who can afford to drop $22 on a lipstick? It seems like a silly idea.

Today Wet ‘n Wild previewed their spring collection, which is supposed to be the antithesis to the unicorn/mermaid trend. They’re calling it Goth-O-Graphic and it’s different if nothing else.

wnw goth

To be honest, I’m not totally stoked about this collection, but only because I’m not into the colors. The collection is very highlighter heavy; there are several pressed powder highlighters, a loose highlighter and highlighting sticks. There are also new shades of the Liquid Catsuit Metallic Lipstick, Liquid Catsuit Eyeshadow and Mega Liner Metallic Liquid Liner. I like these products on a fundamental level, and I might try the lipsticks and eyeshadow shades because they’re not pastel. I love the packaging; I’m all about the skulls, and I’m not ashamed to admit that if the colors were even remotely something I’d wear, I’d buy it.

So other than the goth angle, this collection sticks out because it looks like it might actually be holographic. We all know how many products claim to be holo and aren’t, but when I look at this it has that grayish holo look. I’m not a holosexual but if that’s your thing, you do you.

The collection hits the Wet ‘n Wild site on February 20 and will supposedly hit store shelves in early March.


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      1. Oh okay! I thought they were going to be more pastel too, but they are still shimmery! I watched the video & the lipsticks are really sheer which is a shame b/c I like metallic lipsticks!


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