Buying used makeup: gross or genius?

I bought used makeup.

I know, the idea is a little gross.

Don’t worry, I didn’t buy a bunch of used makeup from some rando on eBay; a few months ago I was watching some YouTube channel (likely thataylaa), and they mentioned a site called Glambot that sells used makeup. I was a little skeeved out, to be honest. Why would any website want to sell used makeup? Against my better judgment, I decided to check it out.

This site is interesting because they both buy and sell used makeup. I’ve been thinking about selling some stuff, and I’ve even boxed up a bunch of things that I’m not using anymore, but for some reason, I haven’t sent the box out. To be honest, I’m a bit wary; if they decide not to purchase the items I send them, can I trust them to send everything back? I could sell the stuff on my own or give it to friends and family who might enjoy it, and I don’t know anyone whose sold their stuff on Glambot so… yeah, I’m hesitant. I need to just do it and then I can either vouch for or warn you all about the service.

I’ve made a couple of purchases from the site over the last few months, and overall the experience has been pretty good. The site navigation is a little cumbersome when loading products, and it isn’t always immediately obvious what’s in stock and what’s not. They’re also selling some stuff that’s really old (like the Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass palette), and I wonder if that’s the best idea. They claim to have a sanitization and authentication process, but nothing can stop the march of time, and even powder products expire.



In general, I like the way the site is laid out. I really like that they tell you what kind of condition the products are in and how full they are, though it would be nice if they were able to take a photo of the actual product and not use stock images. I like that they have a lot of really high-end brands like Burberry and Tom Ford, though I’m not likely to buy them. I get sticker shock even thinking about spending close to $70 on a quad.

Because of my own personal hangups, I don’t think I’ll be buying any product that may have come directly in contact with someone’s skin (basically any cream product), despite Glambot’s sanitization. So far I’ve purchased two single eyeshadows, a brow pomade and a face palette. They were all on clearance and significantly discounted from the original price, so I felt good about the purchases. The order processing time seemed to take forever; I’m used to orders being processed and shipped within a day or so from the time I place the order, and this site took closer to a week. Shipping was reasonable, but I did pay for it.

The products arrived in good shape with the amount of product I expected, so I really have no complaints about the quality. I’ll keep using this site, especially during one of their big sales when I can get a good deal.

Have you tried Glambot? Would you buy used makeup?


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