Beauty news: there are cool things happening at L’Oreal

Augmented reality. It’s the fancy technology that allows us to virtually try on makeup, either through apps or mirrors in restrooms in China.

One of the companies pioneering this technology is Modiface. They’ve worked with Sephora to design the Virtual Artist section of the iOS and Android Sephora apps, and Benefit to design the Brow Try-On. There are others, but I’ve never used them. These AR apps aren’t perfect, but they are entertaining and occasionally prevent me from spending money on a lipstick shade that makes me look like a corpse. Not that there’s anything wrong with looking like a corpse; I have nothing against corpses personally, but it’s a specific look that I don’t always want to rock.

Anyway, L’Oreal has purchased Modiface. By L’Oreal I mean the company, not just the brand. Some of my all-time favorite brands fall under the L’Oreal umbrella: Urban Decay, Lancome, Maybelline, YSL, Kiehl’s, IT Cosmetics, you get the idea.

In acquiring Modiface, L’Oreal is being given the opportunity to, in my opinion, change the entire beauty industry. It’s not confirmed whether or not each brand will have their own app with integrated AR, but think about the possibilities: no more spending money on insanely expensive products that look like garbage on you. I mean, we can all walk into a store and swatch products, but that doesn’t compare to actually seeing it on your face. That $37 blue-red Yves St. Laurent lipstick that swatches beautifully might make your teeth look like corn, and you won’t know until you get home. You can either return it, knowing it’ll just end up in a landfill, or you can keep it out of guilt and not spend that same $37 on something you’ll actually use.

Not that this has happened to me. Multiple times.

AR changes that. Try things on. Use different lighting. Try the same product in different seasons with different levels of tan. Compare the same shades over different brands and buy the cheapest one. Or the most expensive one. Who cares as long as we’re all buying things that we’ll actually use, finally.

Can you tell that I’m super excited about this?

Modiface technology + L’Oreal money = good things for all of us.


2 thoughts on “Beauty news: there are cool things happening at L’Oreal

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  1. I’m super interested to see what this means for L’Oréal and the future of makeup… I’m not typically a supporter of L’Oréal as far as I’m aware they aren’t cruelty free despite rumours saying they are (I’m not 100% sure but for about a year there’s been back and forth about it) however like I said I’m definitely intrigued! 😊

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    1. Some of L’Oreal’s brands are cruelty-free, like Urban Decay, NYX, and The Body Shop. I’m not crazy about this aspect of the company and I hope that they stop testing on animals in the near future.

      I know that any brand sold in China *has* to be tested on animals, and according to L’Oreal’s FAQs that’s the only reason they still do it, but that’s complete garbage. How many toxic products have been exported from China, like lead-laced dog food, but they need cosmetics to be tested on animals for safety? Come on.


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