Thrifting and laundry

I am fried, it’s practically impossible to focus, and this is what I did today.

I hate laundromats with a passion, but since there aren’t laundry facilities in Dan’s little Michigan house, my options were to get over my hatred or go commando in dirty clothes. I chose the former option.

Despite it being the early on a Thursday afternoon the laundromat was packed. I guess people don’t really have regular 9 to 5 jobs here. I’m not sure what to think about that.

The highlight of the day was definitely the thrift store. I told myself that if I successfully completed my laundry chores I could stop at this cute little thrift shop I noticed. When I walked in the owner was bustling about, adding things to sale racks and bringing out the spring and summer clothes. She was the sweetest woman and more than once stopped what she was doing to help me find something. I ended up getting several pairs of jeans, some summery things for my trip to Florida next week and a couple of basic sweaters for $45. I couldn’t believe it. I can’t get one pair of jeans for that much money, and I walked out of there with 10 things.

Finding deals almost erased the pain of the laundromat, but not quite.

I’m not normally a thrift store shopper since they rarely carry my sizes, but I might start checking them out more often. I know the prices won’t be this cheap when I get home but I might be able to save some money.

What do you think about thrifting? Is there a method to saving maximum money at thrift stores?

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  1. My thrifting is my relaxation and I am ALWAYS going. That’s my number one tip: Always Be Thrifting! Items come in and go on the racks every day and most thrift stores have a span of time items are on the rack unsold before they pass them to the next phase. And then people like me are there once a week culling out the best stuff.

    Be prepared to spend some time. I run each rack of interest to me, looking at, and more importantly, touching every garment. I will definitely buy items regardless of what tag is in them if they are well made of quality fabrics. When you find something that looks/feels good to you, hang on to it. You can examine them all at once later for defects, especially when you try them on.

    Look outside your labeled size (usually translates to above). All these clothes have belonged to someone else who may not have your laundry skills. Many places put items out based on the labeled tag size without looking at the garment and a shrunken item with a label four sizes too big for you might work great for you. Also, I live in a highly transient area. I find clothes from the UK, Japan, India, Europe all the time. A UK 8/10 will often come in and end up in the medium rack, despite being a US 4/6. They usually do a bit better with European sizes thanks to the prevalence of H&M but they assume Italian sizing is the same and those end up with larger sizes as well.

    Know when the sales are and join the loyalty clubs. Each individual store or chain has their own method for having regular sales to clear out. If you are looking for something specific, by all means snap it up when you see it. But when you just want to generically add seasonal items or a little pick me up, sale time is the best time.

    Charity Auctions is my last tip. A few pioneering west coast Goodwill store have eBay sites and most of the rest sell through Goodwill’s own auction site. The high end items often end up there. But not all of them. I still find items at my local branch that should probably have gone to auction. But if you are looking for a specific designer or just want to browse what they have your size, give it a try.

    With a few exceptions, almost all my “new” clothing is purchased secondhand either thrift or consignment. It’s more affordable and it’s better for the planet. I buy my own clothes from thrift stores, TheRealReal, ThredUp, eBay, Poshmark, and local consignment shops. I also sell my cast offs and epic thrift finds that don’t fit me and I don’t know the right person for on Poshmark.

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    1. Oh my god Reeb, you’re a thrifting genius.

      I completely forgot about Poshmark. I’ve sold makeup on that site but didn’t even think about it for clothes. Tomorrow I’m going to check out the local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, and I’ll keep this stuff in mind. I just wish I had your alteration skills.


  2. I LOVE thrifting. You have to find a good store, though. There’s one near me that all of the rich college kids dump their interview clothes at when they move out. I’ve never paid full price for dress pants.

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