An ode to my Clarisonic

I’ve figured out why my skin looked so janky while I was in Michigan: I didn’t bring my Clarisonic. Normally I do bring it when I travel, but the cabin where Dan is living is TINY, and I tried to keep the amount of junk I brought to a minimum. I know he’ll laugh if he reads that, but honey, seriously, I tried.

I was gone for a little over three weeks and I completely underestimated how much my skin would change in that time. I was washing and exfoliating and basically going through the same skin care routine minus that one element, but it makes a huge difference. I now realize how silly that was and I’ll never leave home without it again.

The Clarisonic and I have some history. I worked at Sephora for a minute* and the Clarisonic rep was always coming in and trying to do demos on us while we were trying to work. Sure, we were expected to know about the products and the differences between each brush, but she didn’t quite understand that wearing makeup was a requirement and it took like an hour to put on every day and we couldn’t just wash it off in the middle of a shift, even for a brand rep. KTHXBYE. It was part of the reason I never really wanted one.

My birthday rolled around a few months later and I had been thinking about possibly buying myself a more expensive gift. I’d had a really rough year due to the aforementioned breakup, but I had also found my (almost) dream job, I was living alone for the first time ever, and I felt like I deserved something nice. Maybe something a little bougie. So this was the thing I ended up buying. I got a great deal (of course), and I was skeptical about the amount of difference it would make but, OH MY GOD. My skin has never felt so clean. I immediately noticed that my skin looked more healthy and less oily, and over time my pores have cleared out considerably. I break out less. It’s just healthier overall.

So this morning I washed my face and it was like that moment in movies when the heavens part and the angels sing. After my shower, I went and cleared out my pores with my handy dandy Dr. Pimple Popper extractor, which I also left here, and it was disgusting, which is why I didn’t take any photos or anything. It’s never pleasant but it hasn’t been this bad since I’ve been doing my own extractions. Blech. I don’t even like thinking about it.

In short, I love my Clarisonic. If you don’t have one you should consider it, especially if you have oily skin. It’s miraculous.


*Not actually a minute; it was a few weeks, but I was going through a really tough breakup and working a full-time job in addition to Sephora and I just couldn’t maintain the level of emotional or physical energy necessary to do all of the things. Also, I wasn’t making any money because DISCOUNT.

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    1. They are. I got mine in one of the big ULTA sales, plus I had my birthday coupons, and I had points. It brought the price down enough that I didn’t totally hate myself walking out of the store.

      QVC sometimes has good deals on them too.

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