Road trip!

I don't know if I've ever talked about this before, but I really love to travel. More than anything, I love road trips. Over the past few years, I've put several thousand miles on my car driving to far-off places. I like being alone, and when I take trips this way I can control when/where... Continue Reading →

It’s that time of year again…

Every year when the temperature consistently hits 40+ degrees F I start thinking about spring and summer and beaches and sunshine, and that makes me think about shaving. Ugh. I know that there are plenty of women who don't bother with the whole hair removal thing and more power to them. Part of me wishes that... Continue Reading →

Oh, Tati

Happy Sunday friends! I hope you've had a fantastic weekend and, unlike me, are ready to face the week tomorrow. I've spent my weekend taking care of business (meaning washing makeup brushes) and spending time with family. I hadn't planned to comment on this, but I can't help myself. Now, I don't watch Tati's channel.... Continue Reading →

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