What am I reading? Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) by Lauren Graham

I’m not ashamed to admit that Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows in the history of ever, and every time I get sad or need comfort I watch it. I have my favorite episodes and at this point can almost recite the entire original series. Again, not ashamed.

I’m not even sure why I have such a strong connection to this show. It’s not like my mom and I were anything like these women. My mom is and has always been very much my mom, not my friend, which isn’t a bad thing. We just don’t have the kind of relationship the Lorelais exhibited. Nevertheless, something about the writing and the cast just speaks to me. I can imagine living in Stars Hollow and being friends with all of the weird and wonderful inhabitants. I also had a huge thing for Luke; I mean, who doesn’t?


I was excited when this book came out and actually tried to read it once. Something about it just didn’t pull me in. I love Lauren Graham in everything she’s done, but I just wasn’t into her writing style. When I was preparing my entertainment for this trip I decided to give the audiobook a shot; I’m not normally a fan of audiobooks because they put me to sleep or I end up zoning out and don’t know what’s happening with the story, but I love Lauren’s voice so much that I was hoping it wouldn’t happen with this book.

I was right. I started the book on my first leg of the trip, from NY to Fayetteville, NC, and got more than halfway through the book before I had even realized it. I loved listening to Lauren talk about her early career and some of the embarrassing yet hilarious things she did on her way to becoming Lorelai. I was laughing so hard that I was crying, and when I pulled over for the last time somewhere in southern Virginia, a kind gas station attendant actually asked me if I was ok. The words are funny; hearing Lauren tell the stories in her own voice is funnier.

I love hearing her give advice about writing, acting, and relationships. She’s wise, and I love her new role as a writer instead of just a hot actress. She’s so much more, and I’m happy that she’s showing it off. I tried to read her novel and had the same problem I did with this book originally, so maybe if I can find it in audiobook format I’ll be more into it.

So, I liked this book a lot, and if you’re a fan of Lauren or Gilmore Girls you likely will too. The audiobook is included with my Scribd membership. This post isn’t sponsored; I just really love Scribd. If you’d like to sign up, here’s my referral link.


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