Review: Soap & Glory Whipped Clean Shower Butter

I’m always excited about new Soap & Glory products. So excited that I took this big ass tube of body wash traveling with me, which isn’t something I ever do.

This brand is easily among my top 10 favorite bath brands, and their Clean On Me body wash is my all time favorite. I use it constantly and even Dan likes it. I always have one in my shower and at least one backup because I stock up when there’s a sale.

Enter Whipped Clean. A shower butter. Um… what the hell is a shower butter?

Apparently, a body wash for lazy (me) or busy (everyone else) people who don’t have time to clean and moisturize in two separate steps. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought to myself “I wish my body wash had the consistency of a lotion but I could wash my armpits with it”, but that’s exactly what S & G gave us. Because they are angels and they love us from the bottom of their snarky British hearts.


Pros: It feels good. Like, really good. It really feels like you’re washing with lotion, but you’re actually clean afterward. My skin has been on the dry side because apparently, it’s still winter, and using this while I was away really helped. I don’t have those rough patches on my arms, I’m not itchy all over and even my hands look a thousand times better. It even helped mitigate the slight sunburn I got while sitting by the pool.

Cons: I don’t know if I’m crazy about the smell. It’s very almond-y and smells like some of the other butters it contains, but the combination is a little strange on my skin. Luckily the scent doesn’t linger, which could be considered a con for someone who likes it and wants it to last longer than the time it takes to dry off. The price would be another con for me, as this is more expensive than Clean On Me and you get about half the product. It’s also going to be too heavy for my skin in the warmer months. If we ever have warm months again.

Overall I like this product but I don’t think I’d repurchase it unless the weather was turning and it was on sale.

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