Review: Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life

You’re likely tired of reading about how much I love this brand, but… I LOVE THIS BRAND.

This scrub is another product I decided to bring with me on this trip. I don’t normally bring body scrubs because they’re usually in big, bulky tubs; who wants to haul them around? Even if I wanted to bring one to Michigan, Dan’s shower is tiny and there wouldn’t be space for any of the tubs I have in my shower at home. This is in a tube. It is wonderful.


Pros: Cute packaging. Smells good because it’s the typical Soap & Glory pink scent. Tube! It lathers nicely so I don’t have to use a separate body wash. It’s also really scrubby; I’ve had scrubs in the past that didn’t actually seem to make a difference in the texture of my skin because they were just too gentle. When I use a scrub I want to feel it.


Cons: Because it’s in a tube you get less product than the tubs, and it’s almost as expensive. For example, the Breakfast Scrub from this brand is $15 for 10.1 oz., which is roughly $1.49 per ounce. This product is $12 for 6.7 oz., which is $1.79 per ounce. Sure it’s only 30 cents per ounce, and this is assuming that I pay full price (which I never do), but it still annoys me.

Also, pro tip: don’t use this on a sunburn. It hurts.

Have you tried this? Do you have a favorite body scrub?

10 thoughts on “Review: Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life

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  1. Question, do those scrubby bits dissolve? The scrub still lists polyethylene as a major ingredient (big component of plastic microbeads) but those are supposed to be banned now. I’ve emailed them, but I’m sure they don’t want to hear from me, hah.

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      1. I mean, it’s banned, it shouldn’t be something we have to worry about anymore.

        I emailed and tweeted them. I checked and its US and UK banned, so they have no excuse. It’s right after Earth Day. I’m not playing lmao.

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      2. Get ’em girl. I’ll start paying more attention to this from now on. I don’t want to contribute to the already horrendous plastic problem in the water.

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      3. They’ve told me that the scrub doesn’t contain microbeads or polyethylene, and sent a little ramble about how acrylates copolymer isn’t a microbead and has been deemed safe for their use.

        Which is a whole other thing, but I guess they just don’t update their ingredients which is GREAT.


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