Review: L’Oreal Pure Clay Cleanser, Purify and Mattify

I didn’t realize this, but my last post was my 200th. Holy crap. That means that my brain, with the assistance of friends, family and the internet, came up with the words and creativity to write TWO. HUNDRED. POSTS. Oh my god. I can’t even believe it.

Anyway, this cleanser came with me the last time I visited Michigan and it stayed here; I figured it was one less thing to worry about while I was packing to come back. Go logic!


The problem is that, even after using it consistently, I’m still on the fence about it.

So I really like the L’Oreal clay masks and the Purify and Mattify version might be my favorite; I even reviewed it! When L’Oreal released cleansers I was stoked because it seemed like I could be reaping the same benefits on a daily basis. Sounded awesome. In practice, not so much.

It’s supposed to be a clay to mousse cleanser. Sounds weird, and it is.

Pros: It’s an affordable drugstore brand and can be obtained basically anywhere; I even saw it yesterday in the tiny Rite-Aid in Oscoda. You get a lot of product for the money. I like the concept.

Cons: It smells just like the mask, sort of like laundry detergent, and I’m not crazy about it. I expected it to foam a lot more than it does; I even tried it with my Clarisonic and it didn’t foam much. When I get it on my face it doesn’t feel like it’s actually doing anything to clean my face. It’s a bit drying. It doesn’t make me break out but doesn’t seem to prevent breakouts either.

Overall, I’d say this is a meh product. Dan likes it well enough so it stays in the shower. I might try one of the other formulas to see if I dislike the product or just the formula.

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