Good on you CoverGirl

CoverGirl recently announced that they’re launching a new line of foundation: the TruBlend Matte Made Foundation. The most notable thing about this launch is that it will include 40 shades at launch. On the first day this product is available, there will be 40 shades. This is unheard of with a drugstore launch, and I’m not mad at it.


This foundation is supposed to be medium to full coverage with a matte finish and will retail for approximately $10 USD, depending on where you purchase it. They’ve even come up with a new shade naming system, so instead of trying to figure out whether you’re Buff Beige, Natural Beige or Nude Beige (which all look basically the same), you now choose a shade family (Light, Medium, Tan or Deep), then a number and a name. The lightest shade in the range will be Fair Porcelain L10, and the deepest will be Espresso D90. I like that they’ve left room in the range to add additional shades on both ends of the spectrum.

This foundation is supposed to hit stores in June, but if your drugstores are anything like mine, it won’t show up until September.

CoverGirl seems to be killing it with their new products. What do you think of this launch?

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