A day in Erie, PA

You know how we all have running group chats with friends, family, coworkers, whatever? One of mine is titled My Gangsters and consists of myself, Becky, Jason, Shauna, and Alisha.

Last summer Alisha moved from our home in Western NY to Erie, PA. Yesterday was her birthday, and when Becky found out that she didn’t have any plans for her first birthday away from home, she suggested a surprise. Becky enlisted the help of Alisha’s fiance and the four NY Gangsters took the day off of work and drove the 3ish hours to Erie.

When Alisha saw us she almost cried. Yay friends! Then it was time to explore Erie.

The Brewerie at Union Station

We chose this place to have lunch because it’s supposedly haunted, and we’re all about the ghosts. We didn’t see anything, but Alisha’s shiny new EMF meter did some things. We’re not really sure how to work it yet.

Erie Cemetery

This place is also supposed to be haunted, but what cemetery isn’t? This might have been my favorite part of the trip. I love Victorian cemeteries. They’re so beautiful and peaceful, and aside from the nasty little bugs, this was an enjoyable stroll.

Jekyll & Hyde’s

This is a cool little bar in downtown Erie. We sat outside next to the one tall building in town, having drinks and chatting about eyeballs, ghosts, and the super soft t-shirt Shauna bought from the bar. Also, I got a splinter from the picnic table where we were sitting, and because Becky was a Boy Scout in a past life and is always prepared, she pulled a Swiss Army knife out of her pocket, grabbed the tiny tweezers and handled the situation.

Cloud 9 Wine Bar

We ended the night at a pretty cool joint that half of us were completely underdressed for. We had many drinks and consumed much food, and when it was all over we sang happy birthday to Alisha in a mildly obnoxious manner. Because we love her, naturally. There was also a very odd and very funny conversation about Shauna’s remains and chicken nuggets, but I’ll save that for another day. I didn’t take any photos here because, honestly, I was having too good a time and just forgot.

I like Erie. It’s cute, and we had an awesome day.

2 thoughts on “A day in Erie, PA

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  1. Thanks for sharing Teresa, very interesting trip! There’s so many cities in the US with much history. Got to admit, I love the pic by the McDonald’s ad! You go girl! xo

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  2. With all of these haunted cemeteries around, I don’t know if I have ever been to one that is actually haunted 😀 So neat how they re-purposed the old building and kept a lot of the rustic elements. Very cool photos, looks like a good time – thanks for sharing!!

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