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A few weeks ago when I talked about the Tarte April Fools palette I mentioned that I had placed an order on Hush’s website, and I want to tell you about my experience.

I’ve placed two orders from this site at this point and I haven’t been disappointed. Both orders shipped either the same day or early the next day. Shipping was free, and both orders arrived within two days, even the one I had shipped to rural northern Michigan. The shopping and checkout process is really simple and straightforward, and since my skin is struggling I decided to buy a mask and show you the process.

Note that the mask is a Korean brand; they carry some high-end brands like The Balm, K-beauty, skincare, sheet masks, accessories, really anything you can think of. You know I love K-beauty, and it’s nice knowing that I can get some of the more affordable brands easily and they’ll show up quickly. This order total was only $4 and shipping was still free, and for every dollar you spend, Hush gives you a reward point that can be applied to future orders. Sure, it’s only a cent per dollar, but every penny counts.

So, the palettes: I ordered the Lightspeed palette I talked about in the Tarte post, and it’s gorgeous. I didn’t bring it on this trip to Michigan because I couldn’t imagine a situation in which I’d need those colors, but it’s a great addition to my collection and I’m glad I snagged it for the sale price.

I also ordered the Vice palette from Face Candy. I haven’t heard anything about this palette but I really liked the colors. It’s a relatively small nine pan palette, and since it fits in my Caboodle (yes, I got a contemporary one. It’s purple and sparkly. You know you’re jealous) it came to Michigan with me.

The packaging is cardboard with a magnetic closure and a mirror, and it feels pretty sturdy. I really like this palette; I don’t have anything like it, the quality is nice and it was pretty cheap. I haven’t used it yet but I did swatch it. I just wasn’t smart enough to take photos of the swatches before I lost my light. Sorry about that.

The next palette is also from Bad Habit, the brand new Arabesque palette, and it arrived in Michigan shortly after I did. I know this palette is full of neutrals just like so many of the other palettes I (and most of us) already own, but I’ve been toying with the idea of picking up the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam palette because the beauty community has been raving about it. I really couldn’t convince myself to spend the money, so I was really happy that a fairly reputable brand released a dupe for it.

Again, the packaging is cardboard with a magnetic closure and there’s a mirror inside. The shadows are so pretty and soft and buttery. I haven’t actually used it yet but I did swatch the mattes. Again, I wasn’t smart enough to take photos, but this palette is starting to get some attention from the YouTube beauty community so you can find swatches in multiple places.

So the moral of the story here is that Hush is legit, and these “knockoff” palettes are pretty awesome. How do you feel about knockoffs? Have you purchased anything from Hush?

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  1. Gurrrl, stop. I decided a while back that my online makeup budget would be whatever was in my Amazon account or my PayPal that I use strictly for makeup: getting paid by brands for the small bit that I do, and then turning around and spending it on makeup 😁 I’ve been wanting something practical and finally have the money together for it. THEN you have to post this, and now I’m beyond tempted to go spend $30-$50 of the measly amount I currently have. I’ve gotta be honest tho, that Soft Glam knockoff WOULD be a perfect post on my IG………………. 🤔🤔🤔

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    1. Far be it from me to encourage you to spend recklessly, but it seems like a good idea to spend $16 for the knockoff instead of $42 for the real thing.


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