Lip fillers, teeth whitening and Botox, oh my!

I watch a lot of YouTube.

At this point, I spend more time watching YouTube than regular tv shows or movies, and I primarily watch beauty channels. I also watch a lot of paranormal channels, but unless I’m visiting Dan I really can’t watch those because I just get too scared.

Anyway, I’ve been noticing more and more how much cosmetic stuff these women (and sometimes men) have done. I was watching one young woman the other day, and even though she’s only 24 she’s having all kinds of procedures done. If you put one of her videos or Instagram photos from today next to one of her early videos, you’d never recognize her. She’s gotten lip injections, breast implants, Botox, cool sculpting, a bunch of face fillers, plus she had her teeth capped and whitened and routinely wears false lashes, hair extensions, and acrylic nails. If it seemed like she enjoyed any of these things I wouldn’t be questioning it, but she complains about the amount of time it takes and always seems to be changing her mind about what to do with her face.


I know that this particular YouTuber is self-conscious about having a round face, so she’s opted to change it permanently instead of using contouring or something to change the way it looks. I get that. We all have parts of our body we’d like to change. But why is this young woman getting Botox and talking about looking old? It seems wrong on so many levels. She clearly feels a lot of pressure to look a certain way for her job, and the more I watch the bigger channels the more I realize they all look basically the same. It’s… off-putting to say the least.

I’ve never really thought about doing most of this stuff. Sure, I’d like to have whiter teeth, but I smoked for a long time and I love coffee, so any whitening treatments are kind of pointless. I don’t wear false lashes. I’ve never considered getting hair extensions. I can’t function with acrylic nails. To be honest, most of the time I can’t even be trusted to get my hair cut on a regular basis. I don’t know that I’d ever surgically alter my appearance unless it’s guaranteed that I’ll come out of surgery looking 25, and the results would have to be permanent. Oh, I’d like some laser hair removal. That would be cool.

The point is, you don’t need to look like everyone else to be perfect and beautiful. If you really want lip injections because you’re tired of having thin lips, cool, but don’t do it because you want to be Kylie Jenner.

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  1. Great points! While I don’t knock anyone I do have to question they why when I see women/girls who can’t bring themselves to step outside in their full naturalness. We have those days where we run to the store in sweats, hair in a ponytail, no makeup, and maybe a little ash. But when you can’t be seen without your weave or wig, I pause a bit.

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  2. I’m not fussed about people getting cosmetic work done if it’s what they want. But I agree that the weird beauty vlogging/blogging aesthetic pressure is awful and needs to stop.

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    1. The thing I didn’t talk about was the fact that it also discourages people who don’t do those things from being involved. Like the whole reason I hemmed and hawed about doing videos is because I don’t look like those women and what’s the point? People who aren’t young and thin and have perfect lips and long hair still have valid, unique points of view.


  3. Aesthetics and plastic surgery is so cool and powerful because you can really help boost someone’s confidence and quality of life when you correct something that is a source of self doubt for them. But there comes a time when it gets ridiculous. We are all ment to be different. We should stop trying to look like everyone else and be happy! This coming from a girl whose been in plastic surgery and aesthetics for 5 years


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