Ulta’s Foundation Quiz – where have you been all my life?

Ulta has a three-question foundation quiz that (supposedly) will give you the perfect product for your needs. The options are coverage, finish, and benefit (anti-aging, long wearing, etc.). You make your choices, and Ulta gives you options from various brands at different price points.

Is this new? Did I miss when this was launched? WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS?!!

I’ve purchased so many foundations not knowing what the coverage or finish is (because they don’t all clearly state it) and been super disappointed. Also when a new foundation comes out I always want to try it, but it doesn’t always go well with my skin and how I like my makeup to look. I know what you’re thinking: “Teresa, it’s not that big a deal. You can return things.” Yes, I can, but I never remember, and then like six months later I remember and by then it’s too late and the brand new foundation goes in my Vulture Box.

What’s the Vulture Box? That’s where I put all of the makeup I used once or for some reason can’t return, and I take it with me when I visit the women in my life, and they descend on it like vultures.

Not really, but I like that mental image. I think it’s funny.

The women in my life will be sad when there are fewer foundations in the box, but I’m ok with it. Thanks, Ulta. We needed this.

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